Top Gear

On now.

Good to see the National Treasure. Mr Hamster back.

Top Mong questioning from the other two.
Top stuff, funny as fcuk at moment.
"Jade Goody is a racist Pig Faced waste of organs"

"Jade Goody is a rascist pig faced waste of blood and organs".


Clarkson for President!

Beat me to it, guru ;)
Wetting myself watching the white line painting :thumright:

More of it soon.

Glad to have you back Hamster :thumleft:

Just about to show the crash!!! :thumright:
that is the funniest thing i've seen in a long time!!!
"why didn't you notice the tyre shredding?"


Just watched it, the mentalist bit, funny as fcuk. Thought of Arsse when they were doing the mong part p*ssing myself laughing.

About time TG was back on the box!


War Hero
'We WILL NOT bow down the Adolf Hammond'

bloody classic lol
Pure Quality. I even turned off second life to watch it :thumright:

The road re-surfacing thing was the funies thing i've seen in ages.

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