Top Gear TV the future series?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fiji_Bob, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Keep road trips/c0cking around

  2. Bring back Chris Goffey

  3. Bin the chat show type plugs

  4. see more supercars

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  5. see more hot car shootouts

  6. make J Clarkson the next PM

  7. vote but cant as I drive a prius

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  1. Picked up Top Gear magazine today and J Clarkson has wrote an interesting bit about the content of future Top Gear programmes. 8O

    Apparently the serious petrol heads on the TG forums don't like the "cocking about" like the US road trip and want more basic car reviews when the series returns ( Oct 07?) :?

    He has asked for feedback and considering the popularity of the last series perhaps ARRSErs should let him know?

    (usual disclaimers here over TG and any connection with me ect :sleepy: )

    I think the road trips, harebrained schemes, Stig laps with supercars and shoot outs are what set it apart from other dross and sad copies like Vroom Vroom on sky.

    Though the star in a car seems to now be a cheap chat show plug, much better to have stars who are real car nuts rather than trying to flog a book. :sleepy:

    What do others think?
  2. Keep the "three-mates-that-like-cars-and-have-been-given-the-pick-of-every-imaginable-car-to-play-in"


    Allow James May to contiue reviewing sensible practical realistic purchases (shooping carts)

    Allow Hamster to scare his nuts off in ridiculous rockets - Zonda's dragsters, TVR supercharged bowler wildcats.

    Let Clarkson sit in anything he likes so long as he spouts bile about foreigners and dole blaggers.

  3. Keep road trips/c0cking around is the bread and butter of top gear, i feel that its should be ARRSE's duty to make our voices heard on the TG forum and send the primus loving wieners to go watch paint dry,

    If its serious reviews on road cars that these alleged "serious petrol heads on the TG forums" want they should go invest in a copy of which.

  4. Love Top Gear as it is now, its why people keep watching, who wants to

    watch serious stuff?, let the lads have their fun and James of course!
  5. It aint broke - don't fix it. Basic car reviews? get a life.
  6. Keep it as it is but with fewer book plugs. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who can remember Chris Goffey. I for one believe he could be the Stig... unless it's the other old beardy bloke who's name I can't remember.
  7. Looking forward to seeing JC road-testing the new Bugatti Veyron Lite.

    In beige.

    At a price I can afford.
  8. Stig = Damon Hill
  9. Thatta fak?

    Care to bet?
  10. The Stig is one of the Ring pilots isnt he?

    Turn up pay your money sit in your own passenger seat and hell abuse your car round the Nurnburg for you. Damon Hill might be a good driver, but hes not drivng F1 cars hes driving every sort of car they provide him with, Unless they also have Jason Plato, Carlos Sainz, and a few others all waiting to don the helmet its going to be someone that can drive anything competitively.
  11. Who then?...............the $64000.00 question.

    Or maybe not :D
  12. Basically they need to get rid of the few minutes spent on sh*tty book/show plugs from jumped up "celebs". 1 minute spent sticking them in the reasonably priced car and jobs a good'un.

    Rest of the time; let them c0ck about and do whatever they like. The less PC the better. How about Robin Reliant Racing? £500 to spend on a reliant and then £500 available for modifying; quickest round the track wins.

    They could do that type of thing (but modified), with their races, occasionally blowing up of caravans and occasional car reviews for years to come
  13. Like to see them doing a road test on Warrior. The Chally, Apache and Fibua challenges were mint, and Clarkson is very Pro the forces, and its all good KAPE work too.
  14. If I want to see a dull driving programme, I'll watch Fifth Gear...

    Leave TG in its current format-it works.