Top Gear, the USA version

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dusty_jacket, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Isn't NASCAR where they drive round and round for hours at a time?
  2. The highly honed skill and expertise of turning left for 500 miles :)
  3. Have you ever seen the footage of the fans going into those NASCAR stadiums? Its like a giant mong convention but fatter.
  4. Lets hope no-one reminds them of this.

    Jeremy Clarkson Quotes : 'America: 250 million ******* living in a country with no word for ******.'
  5. Why not? It could hardly be less entertaining than the 'race'. Think of all that blubber quivering with outrage simultaneously.
  6. Perhaps NASCAR is a eugenics programme run by govt. eugenics to see which demographics of the US populace are ripe for the picking.
    Resilent bunch though, no doubt new strains will arise.
  7. to be fair occasionally they smash upin fine style but thats about it.
    top gear without humour isn't that fith gear?
  8. :cheers: :judge:
  9. Has anyone found it online yet?
  10. Are they going to copy our Top gear's trip across the Southern States where one of the cars was pink and and had 'Man Love ' painted on it.... and the other had 'Hillary Clinton for President'... and they pulled into this hick town full of red necks, and had to leave quickly when the 'Boys' started chucking stones at Jeremy and pals.....?

    Now that would be good to see a Septic's version of this......
  11. Well said haha!!
  12. no doubt we won't be able to see it due to regional issues, they can detect what country you're in unless you visit via proxy.