Top Gear New series getting complaints

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by in_the_cheapseats, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I really don't get it. Do we live in a country of utter fannies with no sense of irrelevence?

    Top Gear getting complaints

    Quite ridiculous
  2. I am with you on that In_the_cheapseats it is getting out of hand all this nanny state bollox
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    "At the start of Sunday's show, Mr Clarkson asked Mr Hammond if he was mental, while James May offered him a tissue in case he started dribbling."

    Pity the was'nt any ARRSE's in the audience....

  4. Bollox, Mate of mine (with brain damage from a motorbike accident) thought it was great.
  5. If "young males" aren't intelligent enough to know that Hammonds recovery was nothing short of a miracle and that "speed kills", they shouldn't be allowed a television license never mind a driving license.

    FFS some people treat everybody in this country as if we don't have the brain power to know right from wrong.
  6. Did those who are complaining actually watch the show , did they hear the cheers for Hamsters return , did they listen to his thanks to the Air Ambulance and all the others involved and , lastly , did they find out just how much money the "petrol Heads " have donated to the Air Ambulance ???
    No of course not , they were too busy complaining before the programme was even transmitted
  7. Oh please, please, please bring back Spitting Image. I need an outlet for the frustration of sharing a country with these whining buffoons.
  8. Incredible, the BBC reporting on a 'moral panic' they are seemingly to blame for causing!
  9. They have enough for another airframe because of this.
  10. As I suggested on another thread, this has the hallmarks of people simply watching because of a desire to be offended.

    The anti-speeding charity would only have avoided being offended had Clarkson announced that Top Gear was ending forthwith, while the 50 complaints from the brain charity represent a huge percentage of the audience the programme garnered - just under a whacking great 0.001% of the stated audience that night.

    ISTR that every time someone suggests that the soundbite 'speed kills' is overly-simplistic (the counter-argument being that its travelling at speed in inappropriate locations/when road conditions are poor, etc which is the cause of fatalities) charities such as Brake immediately mount a soapbox and denounce whoever's said this as being in league with Satan.
  11. How many people had heard of Headway before this rant, It would be interesting to see how many members/supporters Headway has (anyone care to guess about 50?)

    The cynic in me suggests that its a way of getting free advertising, and are hoping for the BBC to give them something to shut them up.
  12. And just how many complaints have Headway incurred due to their use of the word 'Head' in their name? As one with a head I find it appalling that the word might be used in such a manner.
  13. the phrase is stupid, its not the speed, its the sudden stopping that kills. Bit like never ones been killed by a fall, but most by landings.

  14. Sudden acceleration isn't too good for you either.
  15. FFS Fellas its the MEDIA on both sides whipping this up. Top Gear getting load of publicity and the Headway/Speed kills people getting the same.

    Dont get wound up about it