Top Gear last night-the end for fast cars?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jboldie, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else impressed by the last five minutes of last night's episode?You have to wonder if JC wasn't absolutely right by what he did say about that sort of car becoming a thing of the past(Aston Martin Vantage V12),especially if/when the road charging scheme becomes a reality.This of course will mean speed(safety?? :roll: ) cameras become redundant as your speed will be monitored ALL the time,and the fixed-penalty notices could appear with your monthly bills on your doormat.
  2. Reckon that was the best episode so far and I agree JC may well be spot on in his prediction
  3. last five minutes, made me neck hairs stand up. It had it all, car location, sounds, camera work, and music. Unexpected pathos and gravity from Clarkson...brilliant bit of film.

    Anybody know what the music was
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought it was superb.

    The music, the beautiful scenery and footage, every now and then, puncutated by a V12 roar.

    I think he likes that car, and so do I.
  5. And where was it. I wanna go there
  6. The music in the clip was "An Ending" by Brian Eno, I am sure it was in 28 Days Later as well. It was a brilliant bit of film though, great ending.
  7. didn't see it, but regarding "the end for fast cars": a now defunct car magazine "Fast Lane" back in 1984 was predicting similar things - "end of the supercar" especially with a pseudo socialist govt. Top end cars have all got faster with more power...
  8. One of the best bits ever from TG, almost had a tear in my eye. :(
  9. Morning Mac1-unfortunately in 1984 we weren't then facing the very real possibility of 'road charging'.Now things have 'moved on' as they say in political circles and we now face the prospect where supercars could become an 'endangered or extinct species',due to the fact that ones speed would,under such a scheme,be monitored at ALL times rather than at chosen locations by 'safety' cameras,either fixed or mobile/portable.I saw the footage concerned,and that is the overwhelming impression I got from what JC said,AND from what he left unsaid....
  10. I havent watched it yet, but yesterday watching the bbc news on Manchester closing the city except for cycles i was struck by the thought of how China was a country that was iconic for a nation on bicycles now perhaps produces and has a larger road system than out own with the population aspiring to be car owners while we are almost gridlock and forced off the roads, by regulation price and a growing section of population being unable in some cases to afford a car!

    Yes motor design regarding green issues transports systems and the practicalities of daily gridlock have changed and will continue to change motoring with out doubt.

    But for all the evils of the car :wink: who cannot fail to be moved by the sounds and feelings as you box change toe and heel and and then take the perfect curve on a open winding road...
  11. If JC was right > the end of the supercar is close. There will always be a demand due to these points:

    1) rich people are a bunch of ponsey twits who would pay £100k + and drive between 30 - 50 mph

    2) Any car nut with money will just emigrate; I have friends who drive new hot hatches (focus rs, leon cupra's, s3's etc) who have said with an imposed road charge they would look to emigrate.

    3) There are countries that would never impose something like this. Therefore, manufacturers would continue to build these cars, although never offer them here.

    Therefore ask yourself this question would a government in the next 10-20 years dare to impose something like this? Firstly there is the cost implication of imposing it. Secondly the loss of revenue for the government (VAT on a £100k+ car is as much as the cost of a 'normal hybrid') and finally manufacturers actually pulling out of the uk???

    I know these are alot of my personal thoughts and I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time > unless I win the lottery it's never going to affect me ;)
  12. I think it was meant as an epitaph for Top Gear rather than the supercar.
  13. TG will be back if this , amongst other hints, are to be believed. I read the closing sequence as a rant against everything that serves to destroy the fantasy (?) that is that kind of motoring. Apparently there were thoughts of ending with that footage but with no final credits ala Blackadder 4.

    Edited to add: Remember when you could travel supersonic from the UK to the US without a crab in the only other seat ?