Top Gear is getting crap!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. WTF is up with jezza, capt slow and the hamster! Was absolutely bored shitless sat night and the one from last week wasn't much better! They seem to have run out of new ideas - I suggest they get Sabina Schmidt back on ( preferably naked!)

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  2. Well you could always watch Top Gear USA which is sooooo much beter.

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  3. +1 on that suggestion
  4. It's not difficult. Even for the hard of thinking. There's a magic button on most TVs and TV remote controls. It's known colloquially as the 'Off' button.
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  5. What is a TV?
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  6. I'm sure the general consensus is it went dreary about two years ago.

    Same old same old road trips with the obligatory pranks, 'unforeseen' mishaps and Clarkson nearly always winning.

    The crowning glory of crapness was the South American 'Challenge' with highly edited mountain road scenes and the Andes crossing at altitude. Over dramatised tosh at best, illegal misrepresentation at worst

    Just what were they thinking by believing the public would swallow this crap?

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  7. Is it repeated this week? I missed it last night.
  8. They're as out of date as that day- time TV shite telling you how to make a killing buying up shagged- out houses or a property in the Med.

    Phoned in from my new Hyundai 1.4 MPV..... 0- 60, stalled it yesterday because I couldn't hear the engine, lots of miles to the gallon, you can heat the glove compartment to keep your slippers warm, or cool it to keep your sandwiches in when you want to park by the seaside to look out at the lashing rain..... QUALITY.
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  9. What do you mean getting crap?

    It's always been crap. Crap aimed at dumbos, and that pratt Clarkson should be crushed and swallowed by a python!
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  10. see; Jan Hamilton.
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  11. Oh bollox, I didn't realise that the new series had begun.
  12. I'm not falling for that you devil you!
  13. I wouldn't get excited if I were you. You can always catch up on iPlayer if you're really bored.
  14. No, just watch any series ever on Dave, Dave ja vu, etc. and add a few years and a bit of grey hair to each of them and it'll be like watching the latest series. Voilà
  15. I haven't taken it seriously for a while, but I think the final straw for me came on the Christmas Iraq Special a few years back, which showed Jezza and the rest cautiously edging around a corner wearing full PPE and expecting to get blown up any second. I'd been 15 metres away from that corner the week before, browsing handmade rugs in the local Women's Institute.

    The fannies.