Top Gear is back

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mighty_Blighty, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. For those who are interested, but are not aware - the new series of Top Gear starts tonight at 2000 hrs on Beeb 2 8)

    The series is only 6 episodes long though, which is bad - but seemingly there is also a new member of the team.

  2. Nice one, had no idea it was back on!
  3. New member is a stunt man, who gets to do all the dangerous stuff.

    Does this mean that the Hamster is out of a job then?
  4. Thank god for a new series, i think ive seen everyone after the channel DAVE was made.
  5. cheers for that, i'd forgot :D
  6. The Whole police thing had me in stiches lol
  7. Feckin quality :D :clap: :judge:
  8. Thank christ for some quality TV! I nearly sh@t when JC tried his Boudica wheel things out on Ronnie Stigs!
  9. Thank God life returns to a Sunday night.....
    They didnt stand a chance of catchin the bimmer though did they, You just have to agree with JC on the fact of the little timmy's twoc'ing some buggers car though havn't you. Get along side the bugger and shoot him in the head ;)
  10. He used his wipers!!!!?? damn!
  11. Ah crap didn't know this was back on, i don't suppose it's available elsewhere yet?
  12. I think the whole ice cream jingle on the lexus could be dangerous for mongs in the area.
  13. Try BBCi player

  14. I note with interest that the new stunt man is Jim Dowdal. He has worked on lots of bond movies, the professionals and Enemy at the gate amongst others. He is also a keen military vehicle collector.
    Could be an interesting addition to the programme, maybe we will see the use of more pyro's and explosives. :0)