Top Gear is back.


From this sunday (21 Jun), Sunday nights will be bearable again as Top Gear is back in its usual time slot.

Bring on the boys


Edited to add - if you knew, don't whinge some people may not have :wink:
Could we get Captain Slow to cut his hair for H4H?
There is no God but Jezza - and the Stig is his Prophet! :boogie: :headbang: :D
Thank God. The repeats on Dave are starting to get me frustrated. New material needed!
I swear I saw black stig today on the A34 around Oxford
I'm not sure I can stick any more ARRSE cyber blowing off of Jeremy Clarkson nice bloke that he is, should be PM and all that blah blah blah. His cyber bell-end must be red raw from you lot.
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