Top Gear in trouble again !


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I think the phrase "Get a ferkin' life you bunch of pastey faced whinging pinkos" springs to mind.

No one in the studio complained. So who gives a sh1t?
LOL Is it true Clarkson and Co were chased from some redneck dump in the US deep south? For driving into town with "WE LOVE MAN-LOVE" and "EQUAL RIGHTS FOR BLACKS" painted on the sides of their cars?
In todays society when you cant say boo to a ghost without said ghost taking offence it makes a change to see something so funny. People should take these sort of things in the light hearted way in which they are intended and not be so fcuking ****. In the last series when the dwarf hammond wondered what a certain button did and crashed Hippy and Clarkson were taking the pi55 and saying things about wheelchairs etc.
Surely it was an integral part of the performance? Then again, what sort of "herbal tobacco" were they using?
Im glad they have upset the non-smokers, they have become frigging health-nazis. I smoke i know what it does,what it causes etc etc, smoked since i joined up.

Yes im probably going to die of a smoking related disease, seen friends go that way and close family relatives. However i aint giving up, Ive also seen friends die in car crashes, falls and combat, and well they aint stopped them yet.

If every smoker in this country gave up, what taxes are this country going to raise to recoup the 8 billion pounds smokers raise in taxes?

Rant over.


annakey: Yes they were it was a special filmed in the US, they also had Nascar is crap and some generic abuse about George Bush as well. Quite funny really.
Some people really are a waste of skin. Useless useless people.
As a non smoker I keep seeing things like this and it annoys me, the only people with any right to complain about the indoor smoking in this case are surely those people who had to be there (in that massive airy hanger) If the camera crews/sound recordists etc had complained then fair enough, but people who witnessed it on telly? bloody stupid.

Surely these were not pipes, but portable personal incense burners, or indoor mouth held bbq's?
They'll be introducing a 20 mph speed limit in all towns and cities next. Oh........................


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As I watched the show I remarked that the flak would fly and the usual pillocks have crawled out of the woodwork to complain. Useless impotent tw@ts with a sense of humour failure, a typical knee jerk reaction from the " I don't like it, so let's ban it all" brigade. I'm not going to rant about the draconian rules on smoking, not this time, but alcohol is far more dangerous!
Top Gear is entertanment, and does just what it says on the tin; entertains. Why can these whingeing berks not gow up? They are like playground bullies.
Hang them all!
To be honest, who really cares.... bit of a non story, just another reason for ASH to get their name in lights........

Used to work in one place that manufactured tobacco products and one of the contractors employed a new member of staff, she was told it was a smoking environment and did she mind etc....

Arrived on her first day, within an hour she was complaining that people were smoking in the office by midday they had discovered she was (so im led to believe) a member of ASH and was promptly escorted from site.

Wished I had seen that......
Hats off to the pillok from ASH for giving the naughty boys from Top Gear a nice, free puff of publicity.
OpsO said:
annakey: Yes they were it was a special filmed in the US, they also had Nascar is crap and some generic abuse about George Bush as well. Quite funny really.

I think it's clever of them to play the anti-PC card. So many people are fed up with it, and you can use it to attack both left and right. People forget that the world is full of right-wing authoritarians who take themselves tremendously seriously and are not used to having the pi$$ taken out of them. Result: they gobble like turkeys when poked with a stick.
It would be nice to think people would have better things to do then make a mountain out of a molehill.

If no-one in the audience cared why should some fool sat at home take offence.

I am fully aware it is against the law but it was part of the programme. Perhaps killing in films will be next to be outlawed. After all it is against the law as well.
Mrs G3 is very anti-smoking (lost various relatives to the big "C"), however, she was more critical of them messing around in their aquacar thingies at Dover. The children (also anti smoking) & just loved the whole show. Taking things in context seems to be a problem for some it would appear.
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