Top Gear - has it exceeded it's shelf life?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rmgbem, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Watched last night's Top Gear (well, first 30 minutes) and found it about as funny as burnt cheese on one of Ghandi's flip flops!

    Am I alone in thinking that Clarkson and Co. (as a team) have reached the TV equivalence of being "shelf-life expired" and that the BBC should drop this programme? I occasionally enjoy some the programmes made with James but, IMHO feel that Clarskon and Hammond's solo acts have descending to the puerile and irrelevant!

    Before someone rips into me, I do appreciate Clarkson's support of charities to raise money for Service pers and his wider support for the Armed Forces but my comments above refer to his "entertainment value".

    The editors of the below link agree with me on Top Gear; how about the wider ARRSE community?

    Top Gear's festive special saw Jeremy Clarkson take his tired act to India: TV review |
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  2. Youre not alone mate. It seemed to be rather contrived and was trying just a bit too hard. Previous specials have been funny because of the apparent spontaneity (even if they have all been fully preplanned anyway) and the ad-libs. The India special was predictable, so obviously scripted and not terribly funny. Tend to agree they've lost that original spark of humour.
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  3. It's essentially 'The Clarkson Show' now, with the other two (who are by far the better presenters) playing as his 'sidekicks'.
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  4. It's one of my favourite shows,but sadly I have to agree. Maybe a fresh approach rather than axeing the show entirely.
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  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Agree it was pretty dull and predictable but I'd still rather watch that than Eastenders, Downton ******* Abbey (most definitely not seen although aware of it) or any 'talent' show. Oh, and anything with Alan Carr in it, the mincing ponce.
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  6. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I was gutted that they trashed a very nice Mini Cooper
  7. I thought last night's programme was pretty dire, to be honest. The Vietnam one was much, much better; this one was almost a parody of itself. It just wasnt funny.
    I think it may have "jumped the shark".

    Jumping the shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  8. Agreed, Clarkson is pretty one dimensional as a presenter, he now reminds me of Brian Clough in that he has become a paradoy of himself. James May I find entertaining although the continous labelling of him as slow and ponderous is wearing thin. I'd axe the show, its been past its shelf life for some time.
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  9. It always has been the case; Clarkson has always held an executive producer role on the programme unofficially at first but then ratified.

    As far as the series continuing is concerned, bearing in mind what a money spinner the series are for the Corporation,it's unlikely that they'll kill it off completely. To give an idea of the esteem in which Top Gear is held it might be worth bearing in mind that the budget per episode can average around £180,000; that's about £120,000 more than the equivalent independent version such as Driven or 4th Gear.

    As long as car manufacturers produce new products there will be motoring magazine shows.
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  10. Agree completely, the show has worked for a few years now, many other copies have joined in, they need to take a step back now.

    Perhaps they need Noel Edmunds to come up with a new gameshow format or else, I liked when they took the Discovery up a Scotish Mountain, more meaningful tests or its just a gimmick (which it is now), the best thing the top gear guys (and IMO they have been awesome hosts of a great program which has run its course) is to go gracefully, maybe do a christmas special every year, but just stop draggin out to a slow death.

    Thanks Top Gear, but dont ruin it, be the righteous people you claim to be and put the poor bugger to bed.
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  11. Unfortunately TG is as far removed as a motoring magazine show as can be now. The only vehicle on the show is the one used to transport JC's persona.
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  12. I think what is killing Top Gear is the endless repeats. If I had a quid for each time I turned over to another Top Gear just to find that I've seen it probably 3 or 4 times before, I'd only be 20 quid or so behind Clarksons legendary millions.

    It's a shame because originally they were great shows and the camera work is really great. Their endless quest for repeat fee's are killing them though.
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  13. You are right, but it needs a new format/facelift. Clarkson et al (IMO) are great guys, but its been years now, lets come up with a new format for a motoring TV magazine, maybe something more real to the actual purchasers of said cars?
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  14. It shows how wet this site has become when a poster feels the need to apologise in advance for having the audacity to criticise someone who is past it. Yes, he is a good egg who does a lot of charity work, but that doesn't alter the fact that he is no longer funny and his show should be axed.