Top Gear Clarkson On Route Irish

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Clarkson gets right on my TITS but still he's had the testicals to go out and meet the lads who do the biz.
  2. And I believe he really wanted to meet the lads, not just take 'When I was in Iraq' opportunities, coffee with the COs, or political briefings by big-wigs.

    Are there many celebs (starlets with their norks out) going out to assist on the morale front ?.
  3. AA Gill, what a cnut
  4. Gill also wrote an excellent article on the Sniper School in the Sunday Times a while back. Very pro soldier (which of course these days is not the same as being pro army).
  5. I'm sure clarkson and gill were more fun than most journos descending on them .Anyone see the episode of top gear where he tested cars by racing round stanta while a section shot at him? They were only using saws kit but was still a what the fcuk tv moment?
  6. Much as I dislike the unfunny wife beater, Jim Davidson was always a good lad while I was in. He would turf up in Bosnia and refuse his accom. in the officers area, he used to hang out with the sgts and WOs. Told cracking anti-French jokes too, not bad in a room full of French infantry and Legionairrrrrrres.
  7. Didn't Jim just say once that he was here for the lads not the officers?

    He blew off some mess engagements in Bos and instructed the young subby with him to call him "sir" on the grounds he was a "Major", and take him to where he wanted to go ie. to the lads.

    Cause it might be rubbish.
  8. Saw that - looked like a good day out
  9. Is there a link, or any mention of Arrse on the ModOracle site? Try as I might, I couldn't find one.

    Are we a bit too ruff mister?
  10. He also tested a Range Rover by racing around the Plain while a Chally 2 tried to 'lock' onto him.
  11. I guess we agree he's not such a tosser.

    After all i haven't driven through Route IRISH, and i've been there twice.!

    Maybe i am missing the point