Top Gear at Camp Bastion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nightrained, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Tomorrow, Top Gear presenters will be at the Chinook hanger, can't see them bringing out any fancy sport cars or racing a Pinz on the airfield here. 8O
  2. How often are these kind of visits publicised in advance?

    I'm miles away so don't know, but OPSEC bells are ringing ever so quietly...
  3. Will it be on tv?
  4. Top Gear take on the Taliban - will the mighty stig be able to handbrake his way out of multiple road side IEDs, and deliver the mail to the Gereshk outpost..........
  5. Damn! I thought the title of the thread was about to lead me to some more information about where to find top quality drugs in the Army.

    Guess not! :twisted:

  6. If you get the chance, could you find out and inform us when it will be shown?
  7. Ask the Argylls...I'll get my kilt...

    BTW, didn't John Donnelly look a knob on TV this a.m. discussing the embarrassing stats? He appeared to be "covering-up" whilst repeating "on-message" nonsense...
  8. Ok just back from it. It was not filmed, they wanted to do a show, but they couldn't for some reason in the end. However they still came out on to a stage, nearly a thousand people turned up all surrounded the stage, for an hour they just took questions. No cameras or film crews anywhere. Really genuine people, quite funny. Also, I now know who Stig REALLY is!!!
  9. Robbie Williams?

  10. Don't tell anyone...I don't want my cover blown 8)
  11. Go on then, who is the STIG?
  12. I think Bastion membership should have its privileges
  13. TW@T!! I knew you would say that!!!

    Give us a clue at least!!
  14. Just read that, am I missing something? Or is he disguised in the report as well!