Top Gear - a bit dusty in here

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Started on a great footing with the new Lambo - the rear view is just FireFox on wheels.

    Ended on a cracking fuckingly awesome note. BBC HD really does out you there; very very dusty!

    Bloody good luck, lads.
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  2. Was a bit dusty at the end, liked the flesh wound line as he had only lost a bit of 1 limb
  3. So glad to see Project Mobility getting some TV time.
  4. Fair play to those lads, the Dakar is a tough event for anyone.
    The lads on Top Gear have long been vocal in support of the Armed Forces, but it was good to see the other competitors being so supportive to the team.
  5. Fuck me, even pistonheads is raving about it. Looks like it was down to Clarkson and Andy Willman.

    Right - we gonna donate?
  6. i fucking hate those three cunts on top gear! so there
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  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watched the show in a dusty environment.

    Knocked me sideways if the truth be told...
  8. When the lad cracked up, I won't deny that it fcuked me up a little.
  9. Genuine reaction from Hammond showed that it wasn't staged by the producers for a good TV moment as you can see guilt on his face for asking the question.

    Best of luck to them all, they're going to need it.
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  10. In many cases there are those of us that survived whilst a collegue died in the same blast. It makes you cherish the life you have, no matter the disability.

    You'll have all probably missed the young REME lass that was featured. She was seriously injured in an RTA whilst on pre tour leave. She's massively positive and an inspiration to many whilst also being heavily involved in the project.
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  11. Totally agree with the above comments.Very good piece from TG.
    Well done to the boys and girls in the team.
  12. Interesting to see the old Stig helping them out too.
  13. Thanks for this thread. I missed it. Amazing piece on the lads, best of luck to them all.