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MSN today (source acknowledged)

Funnies don't come much better than this (although not for the mental health issues, which are never funny, but it's a great belly laugh)

US woman will spend the next month in prison after chasing terrified children through an Ohio town dressed as a cow.

Michele Allen was hired to wear the outfit to promote a local "haunted trail" theme park in Middletown, but got drunk at work on the Saturday evening and caused chaos, chasing kids and bringing traffic to a halt.

She also urinated in a nearby yard during her rampage, police said.

Allen refused to calm down once taken to the local police station and according to police was yelling and challenging people to "suck her udders".

The 32-year-old, who was wearing nothing underneath the costume, was forced to wear it in a cell over the weekend and for her first court appearance, when she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

She has been in trouble before and still owes $2,733 (£1,549) for an outstanding "failure to appear on a solicitation" charge. Middletown Municipal Court Judge Mark Wall said: "Michele is pretty well known to us. She's 'struggled,' to say the least." end quote

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