Top five things the MOD should buy NOW!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SKJOLD, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. Weve all been there, with an op tour on the horizon or that stupid exercise next week. What are the top five items that YOU have puchased that you think the MOD should purchase right NOW!
  2. leatherman
    softie jacket
    softie sleeping bag
    decent day sac assault vest if vechicle mounted

    bastards issused me leatherman minimaglite and softielike jacket
    finally after i'd brought them
  3. 1. Lowa assault boots
    2. Garmin etrek GPS
    3. Camelpack water carrier
    4. US style bergen (much more comfortable)
    5. Gerber multi purpose tool

    I know i am only allowed 5 but i would like to suggest a couple more:

    6. Assault vest
    7. Maglite
    8. Softie jacket
  4. 1. Etrex Venture GPS
    2. Individual Night Vision Monoscope (not necesarily for mounting on the IW)
    3. Leatherman/Gerber
    4. HK G3 rifle
    5. Better short range comms (yes, I know Bowman and PRR are on their way, but something a bit more disposable)
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    Altberg boots.
    Surefire torch.

    MOD should buy: ME OUT. :roll:
  6. Anything we bl00dy well want just so long as its:

    On time.
    On spec.
    On bl00dy budget!
  7. Hoon's leaving present!


    (I'll think of four more!)
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Excellent, i'd chip in for that one!
  9. Four more rounds to pop into Hoon's writhing corpse or is that another thread? Or perhaps you were thinking of a nice decanter and glasses?
  10. aromatherapy candles
    very heavy combat jackets that let bullets and fragments straight through
    radios that are very heavy and can't possibly work
    extrememly heavy unarmoured cars that could'nt possibly go off road
    knowing how BAE and its little friends conspire with mod to do exactly the oppasite form whats wanted
    super lightweight body armour
    mobile phone size radio that can talk to any other set on the planet
    lightweight heavily armoured mech that can go anywhere
    pocket sized flame throwers :twisted:
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    1. Armoured green fleet - surely a simple must with all our peace ops.

    2. More Hele's (merlin/apache where are youuuuuu?)

    3. A better/responsible MOD procurement executive (my uncle works there and he's fcking useless at everything except being a bloody nice chap)

    4. A political will to back the boys on paper rather than for the newspapers.

    5. More recruitment so standards can remain high by being able to bin the tossers again - this lack of elitism is really getting me down... ("anyone can join the army now mate")

    Not sure you can fix this by next exercise but this man can:
  12. Top Five wish list;

    1. A S of S for Defence with the b*lls to stand up to Smiler Tony and Grasping Gordon and tell them we are overstretched/ under resourced/ ill equipped and all getting totally P.O'd with them using the military as a political tool.

    2. As 1

    3. As 2

    4. See above

    5. A coffin (lead lined) for Hoon (Or Buff as he is known) - filled of course.
  14. 1.body armour that isn't just crap
    2.a gun that goes bang when you press the trigger (thats always a bonus)
    3.self cleaning weapons
    4.bergan with built in fridge!!.you can never have enough buds!!
    5.night vision!!!! i want to see the bugger.before i shoot him!!
  15. Fish