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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by OldRedCap, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. I'd expected to see something arrse-wise re the BBC2 programme Top Dogs where Simpson, Ran Fiennes and Knox-Johnson all have a go at each other's specialities. Last night was Polar expeditions with Fiennes. Simpson had to retire hurt early on when he left his fingers out a bit too long when having a wee. He did not favour the Ran treatment involving a fretsaw! The fitness of the man Fiennes is awe inspiring and KJ just does not ever ever give up.
    When the temperature inside the tent was about -50 they agreed it was too cold to venture out and dug personal latrines in the tent floor. Bit surprised at that - I would have thought they would bag it and trek it out. Now we have to watch for brown snow as well as the yellow variety.
    Fine programme. Next week they all go sailing and I'm betting it will not just be a trip round Margate Bay.
  2. When is this program on at? It sounds really interesting.
  3. "Top Dog" probably goes to Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet OBE (Explorer) though each of them possesses remarkable courage and showed that whoever you are, there's a limit and an end, to everything. After listening to his cassettes "Mind Over Matter" during a fcuking bad time dealing with counselling and PTSD, one bloke found "Rann" stirring enough to crack on and get over it all.

    Have watched this from the beginning and will watch it til the finish.
  4. You can see it on BBC Iplayer
  5. Thanks alot mate. Gonna whap it up now, got crpapy sky internet so gonna need to let it buffer for ages. Number 1 about Afghan is bufering.
  6. Story in the paper this morning of a BBC Health and Safety type who asked the three intrepids not to light their stove until he considered it safe to do so - apparently Ran told him to Fcuk off! :D
  7. Give the "Rann" a cigar !! 8O (best i could think of) 8O
  8. So long as he don't smoke it inside the tent which would upset the H&S people :D

    I saw the Kabul programme (we're a week behind on BFBS) very good I thought, I take my hat off to John Simpson.
  9. Just watched the first episode. The one where they are in Afghanistan and end up in Tora Bora. Really really interesting show. Looking forward to watching the other episodes. Thanks for the headsup lads.
  10. John S writes that the same H&S thing happened to him. They gave him a list of comments thicker than a book. He ignored it.