Top Crab What a mess!

I'm touched Ralf! :D

I think this is a well meaning attempt at Jointery in fairness. I met CDS when he visited Iraq whilst I was on one of my little sojourns there and seem to remember he had also been presented with an RM stable belt (although I could be wrong!).

Personally, when I'm CDS, I'll continue to wear my RAF regalia although I may perhaps treat myself to some new white socks and Farrah slacks! 8)

Don't worry, I'll have a word with him!

Once you get to those kind of ranks you can pretty much do whatever the fcuk you want. Who is going to pick you up for it?

I hope he was crated for the pocket.

If I ever end up being The Hon Col for a Regt I fully intend to wear a Golden Beret with an RSPCA cap badge. My belt will be that of a member of 3 Shock Armys light armoured Para BMP3 driver.


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Supurb quote from Maxibon on Crab Rumour Service: "In order to really mix it up and recognise the RN, perhaps he could have worn an Ipod."

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