Top copper speaks out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Perevodchik, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. This is good and should make Seagul smile

    Restoring ‘dented and bruised’ public confidence in the police will be the main theme of the President’s address to the Association’s annual Conference next week.

    Chief Superintendent Ian Johnston will tell more than 250 delegates that there are ‘too many occasions when we disappoint’ and encourage senior officers to do more to reassure the public that the police are on their side when it comes to tackling crime and criminals.

    Ian will acknowledge ‘public confidence is fragile and we need to restore it and enhance it by tackling the issues that are a priority to the communities we serve’.
  2. vert good except he obviously has no idea of the logistics behinf the frontline troops. Last time I checked it was something like 4 support staff for every bayonet at the front!!
  3. Gadget's blog is always worth a read. His post on how Ruralshire's racial crime unit turned a black builder who had his tools nicked into a 'victim of inter tribal racism' is hilarious. Not least because the builder was from Birmingham and had no clue about which African tribe he was descended from.

    A book with a similar theme but from a different perspective is David Fraser's 'A Land Fit For Criminals'. Fraser is retired after a life spent working as a probation officer. He describes a criminal justice system in meltdown after a decade of the type of policies that failed so spectacularly in America in the 1970s.
  4. Thanks for that post. The article is completely true. I know a few coppers and they all complain of the same thing - they know what to do to reduce crime but they have their hands tied behind their backs by beaurocracy!
  5. Been a cop for almost 8 years after 8 years in the Army... Apparently the paperwork is getting less!!!! Not from what i am seeing... In the time i have been in the job it is getting worse.. I work in North Manchester and on Divisional orders last week, 3 cops resigned... That tells a story.... Also there are so many people checking up on what you have done, to do 30 years without getting in the s**t is a miracle... Sorry its now 35 years for the new probationers, and they are welcome to it. :roll:
  6. Refreshingly honest, worth forwarding to politicians. Not that anything will happen, which is of course, a given.
  7. Been reading it on and off, mostly off though as a few pages of it makes me angry. :x
  8. Another Copperfield copper. Expecting public symathy to fight his battles for him whilst he risks nothing. Hides behind anonymity, keeps his overpaid job and looks forward to his excessive pension.

    If he wants respect. Identify himself. Refuse INDIVIDUALLY to carry out any paperwork that is not consistent with the terms of the constable oath. And if the Chief constable sacks him. Go to law.

    It is called honour and bottle. Totally lacking in the "Modern police". No sympathy and no respect from me.

    Civil servants in uniform acting for the state to control the citizen. Napoleon would approve. But Nelson and Wellington would wonder why the f-ck they bothered.

    Stand by for coppers whinging about dealing with scroats etc etc. If you don't like it and cannot satisfy your addiction to admiration then try getting a proper job.
  9. Yawn, old argument.
  10. Yawn

    And still breathing because it still has life in it.

    Plus I an't asking anything I have not done myself.

    I will give Copperfield that he exchanged emails with me and put his publishers in touch. But I think he did the right thing in resigning eh ?
  11. Only in order to join Edmunton Police mate.

    So you joined the job, then left because you didn't agree with what the Police wanted you to do?
  12. knockknee. Are you willing to put your name and address up on this blog. All you have to fear is a few naughty emails or letters from people. Gadget has the chance of losing his job, house and abandoning his staff who he does appear to fight for. So if you are unwilling to identify yourself with little or nothing to lose why should he identify himself. You need to get over your knee jerk anti police reaction and put some thought into your comments.