Top Cop: Flag burning should be a crime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Sir Ian Blair has said in a Mail On Sunday article that Flag burning should be made a a criminal offence under new anti terrorist laws.

    Agree as it only seems to be the "extremist element" within the Muslim faith that do it..
  2. And NO, enough of our civil liberties have disappeared under this Govt, setting fire to the Jack is the province of arrseholes - photograpth them by all means but do not ban it.
  3. So you don't find it offensive..... sorry but I do!!!
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It is Freedom of Expression.

    It is what we fight for.
  5. So Britain is "facing its biggest threat since WW2". The prospect of NBC attacks on London looms large. MI5/6 are on a war footing. Coppers walk the streets carrying chemical warfare suits and we've seen tanks parked outside Heathrow.

    The answer: Ban flag burning. Oh yes, that'll send Ossama and hs mates running for cover.

    Isn't flag burning already covered by the arson laws anyway?

    If I was a cynical type I might think this is a populist stunt that's part of a concerted effort by New Labour & Co. to try to recover from the PR disaster visited on them by the Home Office during the last year.

    I see Gordo is in today's papers saying he'll be in charge of national security when he's PM. That gives me a warm, secure feeling - in my underpants.
  6. let them burn flags usally they just make themselves look bigger tits than they already are.
    were british not american.
    everyone seen that photo of some pakistiani setting himself alight while trying to burn the american flag would love to see that happen in london :twisted:
  7. Unfortunatly I think we have to respect their right to burn the flags, I don't like it but the whole point of what this country (should) be about is freedom of speech and expression!

    Again,, just to point out, I don't agree with their flag burning, the feckers should have some respect, but i agree with their right to do it!
  8. I think he's right and I also think it should be illegal to cover your face on a demonstration or wear a crash helmet on a demo. Burning a Nations flag could get you knicked anyway as 'Behaviour likely to cause a Breach of the Peace'.
  9. I hardly think worrying about flag burning is top priority for our Government at the moment, they want to try sorting out the immigration first. Personally I do find it offensive, and it makes me wonder what would happen if you went to Iraq and burnt their flag there?

    "We should be flying the flag, not worrying about burning it"


  11. Some friends of mine recently got married in the local town hall. As the happy couple left the registry office, and stopped for photos at the top of the grand central stairs, they were horrified to see a huge stars and stripes on display. The groom was tempted to put a lighter under it before proceeding down the staircase with the blushing bride, but realised that this might be deemed arson. So if he ever gets married again at the same venue, he's going to take it down, roll it up and put it under his arm. Then, emerging into daylight, under clouds of confetti, he'll unfurl it, set it alight, and jump up and down on it before proceeding to the reception.
  12. Given the result in the BNP "Free Speech" saga flag burners will get away with it regardless of any law - existing or new.
    I had thought that we had a law covering flag burning. They may have dropped it but I remember that Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 covers (among other things) "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour" which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. Beauty of this is that this section would also cover almost everything happening at a demo. which makes it easier to brief officers prior to their going on duty.
  13. It appears Sir Ian Blair needs reminding of 2 things.

    1. As so well pointed out by ORC above , can any serving Police confirm?

    2. Your master is on his way out Sir Ian , this soundbite is too liittle, too late. Why not concentrate on , oh I don't know running the Met and giving your troops what they need and on time?

    ..amd his soundbite this momrning "Oh I'm not saying we should, but German prosecutors can detain for up to a year"

    FFS , say what you mean you Jellyfish.
  14. Funny that!

    Sir Richard Dannatt is castigated for making remarks about the Army that are deemed 'unconstitutional'.

    Yet the head of the Metropolitan Police is calling for changes in the law he is paid to enforce!

    If Sir Richard is to be silenced because he is paid to 'soldier' then Sir Ian should shut his mouth and get on with what he is paid to do: "Copppering"

    A blue uniform has no greater currency of value in the constitutional separation of powers than a Khaki one!

    If a government acknowleges, accepts and acts upon the words of a man in a blue uniform, then they can extend the same consideration to a man in Service Dress!

    They cannot have it both ways!

    Sir Richard is head of the entire Army - our top soldier - Sir Ian is the head of a single Police Force - London, he is not a General and does not speak for any other Police Force!

    I have already heard Blair speak and air his views about 'internment being necessary if there is another terrorist attack in he UK' and quite frankly I am getting rather fed up of his announcements in the media!

    If he wants to enter politics then get out of a blue uniform and get elected, otherwise shut the fcuk up as Sir Richard has to!