Top Cop! 1,000 arrests in 18 months!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. I though plod were snowed under with paperwork after nicking a villain? It doesn't mention his conversion rate either.The CPS must love him.
  2. i am willing to bet my last penny that everyone at the station calls him a tool.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bloke: "'Scuse me ossifer, have you got the . . .

    Cop: "Wasting police time, you're facking nicked mah san!"
  4. He'll be shipped out to the sticks somewhere for making all the others look inefficient.
    They should make a film of it.
    Hang on they did....[​IMG]
  5. Right, so thats 1000 motorists with their tyre tread below 1mm taken of the!! how about moving on to the rapists, muggers and car-thieves?
  6. The average for a copper is 9 a year!

    Maybe I should turn to crime, the chances of being caught are tiny. I'll stay away from Ipswich though.

  7. Ah, I see someone actually read the article.
  8. There is no way he is arresting that many people for crimes and dealing with them. Majority will warrants, which require no paperwork, or any work to them.

    I don't know many Sgt's who actually get out let alone every day and then lock up.
  9. Good effort, but as already stated I do wonder how many of these arrests are good jobs and how many are complete rubbish. I have seen several officers with arrest rates between 200 and 300 hundred per year and well over half are for complete crap, there is normally little supporting evidence which means the officer who will investigte the job wastes thier time NFA'ing the detainee after interview etc or use up untold man hours looking for evidence thats not there. In those cases you might aswell not bother, although there is little option in some cases.
    I bet the shift he supposed to be supervising love him aswell. If he spends all that time in custody I would suggest he's not spending much time looking after his troops.

    There will be some good jobs in there, but arrests ain't everything.
  10. It's for the Greater Good! :D
  11. I am working in Ipswich at the moment - will have to have a look out for him!
  12. They are not all proper arrests, read the article. Also he appears to be a sad loser with no life, wife or children.

    Still, fair play to him, at least he is trying to do his job properly unlike so many plod who are happy to stroll past the hundreds of crimes committed all around them. Average arrest rate of 9 a year - no wonder criminals are so happy these days!
  13. What a complete tool. Power trip or what. Bet he's the type that hides in bus stops and waits for the school kids to spit out chewing gum then gives them 30 quid fines....Complete loser in my opinion.