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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by meridian, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Now released

    MoD breakdown here

    Sir Jock Stirrup Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal £240,000 - £244,999

    Sir Mark Stanhope First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval staff Admiral £175,000 - £179,999

    Sir Kevin O'Donoghue Chief of Defence Materiel General £175,000 - £179,999

    Peter Ruddock Saudi Arabia Project Team Air Marshal £175,000 - £179,999

    Sir David Richards Chief of the General Staff General £165,000 - £169,999

    Sir Stephen Dalton Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal £165,000 - £169,999

    Sir Nicholas Houghton Vice Chief of the Defence Staff General £165,000 - £169,999

    Sir John McColl Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe General £165,000 - £169,999

    Sir Trevor Soar Commander-In-Chief Fleet Admiral £160,000 - £164,999

    Sir Peter Wall Commander-in-Chief Land Forces General £160,000 - £164,999

    Andrew Tyler Chief Operating Officer Defence Equipment and Support Director General £200,000 - £204,999

    Andrew Manley DG Defence Commercial Director General £195,000 - £199,999

    Sir Bill Jeffrey Permanent Under Secretary Permanent Secretary £175,000 - £179,999

    Jon Thompson DG Finance Director General £175,000 - £179,999

    John Hirst Chief Executive Met Office Director £170,000 - £174,999

    Mike Robinson Chief Executive UK Hydrographic Office Director £170,000 - £174,999

    Les Mosco Director Commercial Defence Equipment and Support Director £165,000 - £169,999

    Susanna Mason Director Industrial Relationships Director £160,000 - £164,999

    Ursula Brennan 2nd Permanent Under Secretary Permanent Secretary £155,000 - £159,999

    Archie Hughes Chief Executive Defence Support Group Director £155,000 - £159,999

    Stephen Love Chief Executive/Chief Constable MoD Police and Guarding Agency Director £155,000 - £159,999

    Bruce Houlder QC Director Service Prosecutions Director £150,000 - £154,999

    Ian Rushby Non-Executive Director Defence Board and Chair Audit Committee Non-Executive £40k

    David Allen Non-Executive Director Defence Board and Chair Audit Committee Non-Executive £30k

    Sir Richard Mottram Non-Executive Chair DSTL Non-Executive £40k

    Sandra Rogers Non-Executive Chair UKHO Non-Executive £40k

    Jamie Pike Non-Executive Chair DSG Non-Executive £40k

    Robert Napier Non-Executive Chair Met Office Non-Executive £40k
  2. £200,000 for COO DE&S. There’s value :wink:
  3. A comparison with the u.s. dept of defence would be interesting, also Tesco's , start googling , free mars bar to the first with all the gen. :eek:
  4. some big earners there. Bit of a pay jump going from CGS to CDS though, could buy a jolly nice car for that...
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    What's the big deal with senior officers salaries being published? The Senior Salaries Review Body pay scales are not secret, they are made public every year:
  6. US DoD pay rates for serving officers (and civil servants) are limited by their "no more than the elected officials" rules - they will be on a max of about $180k basic pay, about £124k (so just under point 1 on our 3-star scale). Err - oops - if they are in certain jobs, they get on to Schedule 1, which is a max of $240k, so £166k - tier point 1 of our 4-star scale ...

    Terry Leahy makes over £5m per year ...

    Edited to add - if they are serious about getting down to £58k - that's not much more than the basic pay for a super-annuated Major ...
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Compare the figures for these two public organisations.

    Number of employees 2009

    MOD: 281,000 (link).
    BBC: 20,000+ (link)

    Budget 2008/9

    MOD: £33.6 bn (link)
    BBC: £4.5bn (link)

    Now compare the salaries of the MoD's few top executives, literally responsible for making life and death decisions, with their counterparts in the BBC, mostly responsible for entertainment. Notwithstanding the unpublished millions per year earned by other BBC employees such as Jonathan Ross, etc (link), bear in mind that CDS is the only person in the MOD who earns over £200k:

    The BBC executive salary bill
    Does anyone else think we've got the balance wrong?
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Looking at these, and working in the civil service with a healthy disrespect for my "leader", I can easily see where the government can save some money...
  12. WOW Cat believe how little the top brass get compared with an average NHS trust or PCT (and there are shed loads of them) Ch Exec 200k+
    Director 150k+, Deputy Director 100k
    I think CDS and the heads of Services carry a lot more on their shoulders
  13. No, they should be compared with those at the top of their profession in private industry.

    Is the government making those figures available?
  14. No, the same criteria does not apply. Private industry failures are dismissed, public sector failures are at best promoted, sidelined or hidden. Reduce public sector salaries by 50%, you will still get good applicants, I would even argue that the public sector pension should remain in place in this case.
  15. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bloody Hell! I agree with Ashie. 8O