Top Brass

This made me chuckle:

Military top brass nicknamed him TCH. The T stood for That, H for Hoon and C a derogatory sexist term unprintable in a family paper.
Hooray...they're finally admitting that ARRSE is the military top brass. About time too. Does that mean GoodCO will be for the new years honours list?
sorry - I didn't know that this was already quoted in the "Buff Hoon Demands More Respect" thread.

The man's a "see you next tuesday". Nuff said.
Just remember the handsome chap that Christened him :D
Love that Kevin maguire...who likes to 'shine an entertaining and highly revealing light into the murky underworld of British parliamentary life, exposing the low side of high office. '

especially noticed his quote:

The Leader of the House of Commons is as two-faced as Anne Robinson and as pious as the panzer pope.

Mighty_doh_nut said:
Just remember the handsome chap that Christened him :D
and a damned fine job too...almost superhuman infact. I smell a conspiracy...

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