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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Innuit, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Just had a Brigadier and a bunch of his hangers on turn up at our Drill Night tonight. Thing that gets me is that this has been sold for weeks as our chance to meet the 'man at the top' and get across our views.

    Turn out that he didn't speak to anyone but NCO's and had a looksee of a few classes going on then boshed the food off and a few drinksand chipped off soon after.

    Very disappointed!!!
  2. Welcome to the Army! Did you get to clean the world first?

    Edit- Could you fit any more shit into your sig block?
  3. You obviously havn't been in long enough to develop the deep cynicism of us oldies. Its great when you are told to say what you think, be honest and open with the brass. try it and watch out watch out.
    I once told the lord lieutenant of hampshire that we had been sat on a freezing river bank for 12 effing hours waiting for her to turn up for a 10 minute visit in the wee hours. We were all chinstrapped and our sense of humour had failed totally. Wasnt a good career move.
  4. What were the points which you hoped to get over to him?
  5. Shame that, our Brigadier is an absolutely diamond bloke. A seriously good egg who always has time for the blokes, especially if threatened with a brew :)

    I'm sure he's not an Arrser though.
  6. To be fair - how dull is it for them?

    Giving up an evening to turn up and see a bunch of stabs giving a last lesson and watching the fat admin cases try to hide in a store. You get whinged at by people who have no idea of the bigger picture and hear the same old drivel as you dig the previous year (Pensions, MATTS, fat wasters vs key eneblers, etc).
  7. never mind Mr S.
    did you have to clean every square centimetre of the TAC?
    we've a visit coming up next month and we've got a guy in cleaning stuff already.
  8. Give it time and you will run a fookin mile when one turns up ! :D A load of T.A. lads on pre deployment training at Castlemartin Ranges couldnt wait to swerve what I would consider essential time live firing and some hands on training with the different weapon systems so they could shneb it round a General who had turned up to watch, poor show.
  9. Funny enough we had a Brig visit us not that long ago and he didn't speak to any NCOs, his main reason to visit was to speak directly to the recruits and other Toms about their experience, pretty much ignored anyone with more than one tape. However, as with all these visits, even though he did listern he couldn't help himself and had to revert to spouting t he partyline on benifits of the TA, mobilisation and volunteer ethos. Good stuff for the younguns but same old for us crusties
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps we should all throw our rank slides into a pile before a visit and see who comes out with what - if any. That should liven things up a bit :)

  11. Sometimes these sort of visits are great, and comic opportunities. One General - foget who, they all looked alike back then - came along while the boys were siting down in a line in a ditch out of the wind on the moor. They were just having a quick break before their section commander took them to the RV for their next BE, 'around the corner' as it were. The Gen was in character - about 2lbs of webbing and a blob of cam cream, but trying - so he crawled along the ditch towards the boys. The Pte at the end of the line didn't tell him or anything - just watched him slowly crawl along the ditch towards him. When he got close, now all covered in sheep shite and wet all over, glasses askew, the Gen whispered 'so what's going on then, eh? Where's the enemy?. The Pte said 'dunno sir - but we're just having a break, like' - and then everyone else pished themselves. Then stood up and hopped it round the corner to their BE.

    There were others. Dickie Dannatt (yes, 'tis him) came to our TAC one night when he was a Brigadier and spent a few minutes with the officers and then got stuck in with the boys for the rest of the night. Brilliant.

    But you can never brief the boys. They'll say what they want to say. They don't do PR. One Pte I recall said their platoon commander was a 'wannker' to a Maj Gen, and I distinctly remember one of my mortarmen driving a Lt Gen and myself along and saying ''Ere, sir? Was you a pilot then?' 'Ah yes, indeed I was Corporal' 'F'cking sound. Bet you get loads of shags in then?!'. Luckily he had a sense of humour and I think it made his day.

    happy days.
  12. Had one of these visits a couple of years back at an old TAC of mine. The rupert concerned didn't say much during training but in the bar afterwards the guy opened up a bit to the lower ranks. I think it was one of those moments where he wanted to see what was going on with the unit as we had just had a shuffle around.

    "Hello Pte............?"

    "Beer Man, Sir"

    "What do you do here then?"

    "Not what I came here to do"

    "Oh, and what was it you came here to do?"

    "Well, it's like this sir....................."

    Que an hour long conversation about what I had been promised and what had been delivered. All the while the TC was glaring at me as most of what I was saying would have landed squarely at his doorstep. By the end of the conversation I had been promised any course I wanted plus a good possibilty of promotion etc,etc. Nothing of the sort ever came to play and said TC was shitty with me until the day I left, when suprisingly I became a great loss to the Troop.

    Believe me mate, speaking to brass doesn't allways end well. Most of the time it's gash and boring. Other times it'll drop you in the shit.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Bde Comd: "So why did you join the TA?"
    Reply: "Because the voices in my head told me to sir."
  14. One of our guys is a comedian (really) and when a visiting 1* was told this he said go on then, make me laugh.

    To which our guy replied, "well go get your last CR and we'll all have a laugh".