Top brass under fire over pay rises and perks worth millions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. From the Independant

    These are not huge increases in salary being on average £14k per headshed, in the case of Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup its only a 4.4% pay rise. Compare these to MPs such as Jacqui Smith who classed her sisters house as her main allowing her to claim £20k on her real main home which was her "second home". The increases are above inflation but on par with MPs and the likes of Lord Foulkes trying to point the finger of shame?

  2. Senior officer has driver - shock horror. Senior officer doesn't have to live in the mess - gasp. Senior officer gets paid more than Jack Percy and Royal etc - outrage. Senior officer moves in circles where there's a chance of an invite to dinner, and may have to reciprocate - harumph. Senior officer travels first class - fume.

    Non story, sour grapes. Foulkes. Foulke off.
  3. What a non-story.

    I would be interested in seeing Lord Foulkes string himself up though, the pointless, useless cnut.
  4. Patience, Jimmy :wink:
  5. I am resisting getting on the outrage bus, in the hope that in 7 or so months time, this vindictive and appalling government and it's ministers, elected or unelected, will be consigned to the outhouse of history. I don't really care who gets in next, as long as it's not them, or their mates, or their kids.

    If they're really worried about the pay of 10 most senior military officers, and trying to make some moral capital out of it, I would more than happily urge research the pay and benefits of not just ministers, but heads of quangos, sponsored political research thinktanks etc to really put it in perspective. We're not talking about 10 people here, but 100 and 1000s of snouts in trought, all in the name of patronage by this morally bankrupt and hopefully unelectable govt.
  6. The Government was accused of attempting to "smear" General Sir Richard Dannatt earlier this year, when it emerged that the MoD had received a series of freedom of information requests seeking details of the bill for his accommodation and other costs.

    Which is exactly what this article is. Read only the headline like the majority of the UK can manage and your smear job is done.
  7. This has got to be the most obvious and blatant poltical scorched earth policy ever seen in the history of the United Kingdom..... Insha Allah, Labour will be sitting in the cheap seats, whilst we have a new ruling party and new opposition installed next year. Trying to smear a General who has spent 2 years defending his army... then to trying to smear the new General's daughter before his arse has even hit the seat.... where will it end???

    Hopefully with a thud when Brown's and his part's arses land on the pavement as they are is kicked out.

    Watching the Last Night of The Proms on tv last night.... with Land of Hope and Glory being sung by thousands of fellow Brits and millions around the world.... I never thought I'd have tears in my eyes, with thoughts of what this hopeless party has done to our Great country. Election Day cannot come sooner!
  8. its not just going to be top brass under scrutiny here, i see the axe falling on 'middle management', eg why do COs need a car and driver, a big house and official entertainments allowances etc...sadly a sign of the times we live in
  9. Did Foulkes answer this question from his Scottish Parliament funded house at home in Scotland or from his House of Lords funded home in London or even from his recent taxpayer funded trip to the Carribean, where he apparently has a special professional interest necessitating regular visits.

    More likely the request came as he crawled through his own Pish in the gutter as he supped more single malt with an equally odious Independant bottom feeding journalist.

    How does this lowlife keep his job? Oh yes - a close friend and confidant of the PM and Lord Goebels
  10. It already is there is a "study" going on at the moment with just this in mind.
  11. No comments in the Indy site yet. . . . .
  12. You forgot to mention the "perk" of a CO's bugler, and with a silver bugle. Some infantry COs just don't know when they are well off.
  13. Senior officers pay is set by the Senior Salary Review Body (the same body that determines MP pay).

    Taking the example given of CDS receiving £15,000 and then £10,000 rises, the rises appear to be the combination of CDS moving up a band and the SSRB increasing each band. If you compare the same band (CDS band 4), the SSRB awarded an increase of 2.2% this year to senior officers (not taking into account changes in the x-factor for 2 and 3-stars.

    For comparison, the same body awarded MPs and MSPs a rise of 2.33% this year.