top brass fight for the rank and file

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. In the Sunday Telegraph today. page 16 under the pic of a B52

    A group of Britain's most senior military figures is to establish a campaigning organisation to lobby the Government over its "neglect" of the armed forces.
    The National Defence Association features household names including Colenels Bob Stewart and Tim Collins, as well as three former heads of the armed forces as patrons - Lords Guthrie, Boyce and Craig.
    Winston Churchil, the former MP and Grandson of the wartime leader is to be the president of the Organisation. The Move is being seen as evidence of the gulf between ministers and forces over the course of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, with claims that the Government ia no longer honouring the military covenant. its duty of care to servicemen and women.

    It has got to the point, where someone has got to step up to the plate.

    there is more to the aricle but that is the jist of it

  2. Has it really come to the point when we have to wheel out Bonking Bob to 'lobby' for decent treatment...... sad, very sad!
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. We already have BAFF...........are we in danger of diluting the message here?

  5. If you can't talk sense,shut up. He at least is doing something for the forces which is more than can be said for a lot of ex officers.
  6. This could be a good time to hit the message home. It will be most sucessful if they can attract prominent people with no connection to the military to the campaign as these are the people the public will respond to most readily.

    I think that there are plenty of well known (and well respected) figures who would be happy to get involved.

    I am neither well known (nor well respected :wink:) but I would donate money and time to such a cause as would most other ex soldiers.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If I were the suspicious type, I'd suggest that this is one of the main reasons - BAFF is too close to the soldier, too much of a loose cannon. I'm sure that an organisation with plenty of 'safe' hands running it will be much more, let's say, reasonable? You can always offer them a nice media contract, or a good dinner, and they'll see the reality of things.............

    A highly, highly suspicious move IMHO.
  8. Equally these people are likely to have better access to the powers that be as lobbyists than BAFF. I do agree though that there is a possibility of a diluted message or maybe it could be viewed as an attack on two fronts. Only time will tell I guess......
  9. I have to agree, im thinking why and why now. Is Baff now seen by those in the clouds as being to popular, and rather than raise a stink by having a 'go' at Baff, its easier to 1/ try to dilute Baffs popularity and 2/ By being who they are and the old boys network can 'appear' to be more in the know.

    Something fishy here.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    'We' haven't wheeled him out. He has wheeled himself out...

    Big difference ;)

  11. Probably chucking a thunderflash into this debate, but I've been looking at both BAFF and UKNDA for a while now without committing myself.

    My gut feeling may simply reinforce prejudices (both mine and everyone else's) but BAFF appear to be the 'blue-collar, trades union shop stewards' end of the business, whereas UKNDA seem to be a bit more like a 'professional' organisation.

    The parallel might be lost on people, but I'll try anyway. Back in the late '80s when I started nurse training the professional bodies available to support us were COHSE, NUPE or the RCN. Now, to a simple country boy like me, COHSE and NUPE (later UNISON) were full of pinko, commie, trades union types, whereas the RCN was, after all, a 'Royal College', and much more of a reputable outfit.

    Perhaps that is what colours my thinking on BAFF and UKNDA?

    Happy to have any (of the many) BAFF supports on here convince me otherwise!
  12. There is one significant difference;

    BAFF = Army, UKNDA = tri-service
  13. Sorry to correct you but BAFF is tri service :wink:
  14. Check your facts BAFF ...British Armed Forces Federation, it would hardly be a federation if it was one service.
  15. Sadly, that's not how BAFF is perceived externally.