Top Brass fight for Armys reputation

Interesting article in today's Guardian concerning media attention and legal challenges that today's Army is subject to.,11816,1675198,00.html

For as long as there have been print media the armed forces have always made inviting copy. However, as the article suggests, in today's environment with unprecedented levels of scrutiny we may well have come to the point where HM Forces, in particular the British Army, begin to suffer serious morale and reputational risks because of it.

It also occurs to me that as fewer and fewer citizens have direct contact with our armed forces – through employment or family - their reliance on the media, which is often extremely biased against HM Forces, grows.


It can only get worse and worse - lets face it, almost every aspect of military service is incompatible with the Human Rights Act, HSE legislation, most anti-discrimination legislation, and 1,001 EU directives. The legal floodgates are now open, and the Armed Forces are a juicy, helpless target to any lawyer/reporter/politician after easy prey or political kudos.

The fact that every battlefield incident is now under legal scrutiny is absolutely appalling in its implication: as a soldier, you now have to seriously question whether you are willing to bear arms in an environment where you as likely to be attacked from behind as in front. Having been away from the mainstream green for a while, I personally was deeply shocked to be sat down prior to combat operations to be shown a LOAC video which - instead of the hoary old 70s item stating "do this/don't do this" in black and white terms - now mumbles a confused and disclamatory message ending with the punch line "if in doubt, consult your unit legal representative". WTF?

The Armed Forces should have been ring-fenced against new legislation long ago, but that would have required a level of morale and political courage that has been lacking since Mrs T departed.


4 (T) what you have to understand is that this situation is deliberate policy, the militant tendency didn't go away, they just kept quiet and infiltrated the government, they know their revolution will never work while the army is effective, the old guard is being purged by proxy, only the yes men and the politically correct will remain. You just have to look at the spinelessness of our Senior Officers who put their careers before the welfare of the troops to sse which way the wind is blowing. We need someone with the moral courage to resign in protest at the vicious prropoganda campaign being waged against us. It willnever happen though.


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Is the morale of troops being sapped by relentless bad media attention or is it that there is a feeling that there is no support or understanding from our political and military masters.

FAS and the ruination of our regiments is a prime example of that. Failure to provide proper equipment another.

There is a thread in the TA forum asking if TA people trust the MoD to back them up. Does anybody?
sknn said:
people trust the MoD to back them up. Does anybody?
From experience NO :oops:
4(T) said:
now mumbles a confused and disclamatory message ending with the punch line "if in doubt, consult your unit legal representative".
And when did you last see an ALS multiple on the ground?

Sounds a good bit like the UK forces are going through some of the same problems the Canadian Forces encountered in the 90s after members of the CF tortured and killed a Somali. The papers and news media were all over us and basically painted all soldiers as maladjusted, racist thugs waiting to deploy so they could kill wogs. It was rough times and we are still going through all sorts of nonsense training that achieves nothing but looks as if we are "taking action and enforcing zero tolerance". Pure drivel, but it sells well to the public.

Our army is exhausted, morale is in the dumpster and has been for years and we have become a social experimentation ground. We even had a politico recently query why it is that the CF can't hire the physically and mentally handicapped (OK, insert punchline here if you must).

Hope the same doesn't happen to your forces. You have good troops with excellent skills and it would be tragedy for them to be put through the same type of nonsense. Best of luck!
Herrenbloke said:
We need someone with the moral courage to resign in protest at the vicious propoganda campaign being waged against us. It willnever happen though.
I do not see that the honourable resignation is going to carry much weight. Tps will look at it along the lines of LBJs comment about outside the tent pissing in. Civilians do not understand the problem. To them one general is as insignificant as any other. If, say, PoD went - so what? He is just one man. Ranged against him are the politicians and their bum boys. See what they did to Kelly? The question of the Army's reputation is in their hands - soldier A, tpr B, kgsn C etc. They need to take on board that their slightest peccadillo will be used against them and their comrades. They were Tommy Atkins long ago and it is likely they will always be Tommy Atkings in the minds of the great unwashed. Necessary evil. The bstards only need to set the cost of a regiment against the cost of a day care centre and mums will have another place to dump unwanted kids whilst they push off to work.
imo there has always been bad press re: the aremy. it's only in the age of unlimited free press and a million and one news channels and t'internet that allows someone to access pretty much all news coverage, all the time.

so in other words, there is more chance of people seeing t'news and hearing anti-army rhetoric from there.

or something like that. my bottle of glenmorangie told me.
Join a PSC and fcuk them
What worries me is they are weakening us day in day out. Training is getting easier and safer (I know safer sounds like a good thing but its getting too safe and less realistic)

Soon we are gonna fall into an American way of life of law suits here compo there to the point were we can no longer train effectively.

As soon as that day comes sods law will have it that once again the country will call on the armed forces to do a job against all the odds and we will all of a sudden realise we are not up to it.

Whos for bring back Crown Protection???


Crown Immunity was badly abused but we do seem to have drifted to the other extreme, the best we can hope for is those of us that leave the forces and drift into politics or whatever, do our best to reverse the trend. There are just too many journalists and lawyers and politicians out for a quick buck, easy story or easy vote. We are in desperate need of someone to fight our corner. maybe we have to accept that there will have to be a crisis before we can rebuild...

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