Top Bloke!

Just like to say what a top bloke Sir Alan Sugar OC is leaving after a fair few yrs service etc and it is an in-unit joke that occasionaly you get to suffer a "Alan Sugar" moment in front of the OC. Or otherwise known as a "interview without coffee!"
There are only 8 military here and 30 approx civilian so if something goes wrong and civilians are bullet proof then its the mil guy who usually gets the flak! Saying that he is a good boss so we decided to email Alan Sugar to send a pic of himself with the phrase
"George....your fired!"

Well today i got a A4 photo of Alan Sugar with the phrase and signature all hand written!

Top Bloke!
Top Bloke, I heard he was a Liked the Forces way of doing things! Goes to prove there's still people out there that give a F*ck about us!

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