Top bloke posts his massive Army experience on YouTube.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiddle, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Sorry mate its been on before.
  2. could you give us a quick precis please?

    (I got 30 seconds into the rapping and blanked out...dull dull dull)
  3. Loser joins up, jacks after five weeks (presumably after he realised he wasn't going to get issued a MAC 10), filmed loads of recruits looking ally (honest :roll: ) outside SAA lessons and in barracks, set it to some sh*te music then decided the rest of the world was really interested in yet another failed Tom.
  4. hmmm, not so much nigga'wigga hardcore then?

  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well I just learnt that the L85A1/2 is made by H&K :roll:

    (actually I take the rolled eyes back...seems it now is 8O )
  6. Sorry, jimmys_best_mate, but you’re not making the best impression here!

    This guy’s primary objective was to gain insight into British Army training – which he did! Get his telling quote:
    This tells us what? It tells us that the “yuoff” of today have very little idea of what they might be asked to face. Unfortunately, no games can prepare people for what it’s like to come into contact with an enemy intent on your demise.

    I was very lucky! My granddad filled me in on the horrors of the Western Front in Dubya, Dubya One, while my father told me about Dubya Dubya Two and the campaigns in North Africa and southern Italy (including Monte Cassino!).

    Result! I can really appreciate what these men sacrificed to attain a goal. And I
    appreciate that some of (their?) our number will be called upon to repeat the exercise at one stage on another!
  7. Hahaha, he started the day i passed out of Pirbright. Guess i know which lot moved into my block after i left.
  8. How the fcuk did he get past the recruiting office? Thank fcuk the RTIs got rid?

    Never, mind son, you could always get a job with Channel 5.
  9. apparently he's a parole officer now... he seems to try and pass that off as being "a young black officer" in one of the replies to the vid
  10. He is a payrole officer now? Or does he mean he's got to report to one every week?
  11. I enjoyed reading the posts under the actual video more than the video.

    There were some quite rude ones!

    That YouTube is full of videos like that. Nothing better to do I suppose.

    Then again, I actually watched it and am sitting here writing this at 6.30 am? perhaps I am a loser??? Bugger, I knew I should have stayed in.
  12. Nice of him to ignore the PERSEC of his mates who stayed on.
  13. Curious how he got a camera/phone into a SAA classroom, surely his Troop staff told them to leave all phones in the block during lessons and enforced the rule too or has Pirbright gone that slack now?????
  14. i was actually going to put that as a reply to him but deleted it all and thought fcuk it he's probably too dense to understand or too arrogant to listen.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.