Top beastings in the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brewmeister, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. The thread on beastings in the Int Cell made me think, mainly because I misread the title. My worst was probably playing football for half an hour in 4 Romeo before going into the chamber. Degradation they called it. Lying cnuts, it was just to see who puked in their mask first. And it made the CS sting like a stinging thing!

    It was imaginative, informative and the comedy value for those watching was huge.

    So fess up. What was your worst/best ever beasting?
  2. Im going to experience my first beastings in a couple of months when i start, is it possible to go through the entire 14 weeks of basic without receiving one beasting or am i being deluded
  3. On rugby tour I took the p1ss out of our Welsh coach after Eng had stuffed the Taffs in the 5 Nations, the following morning we got thrashed until half of us had been sick - worse than any flanking (beasting) that I received on the All Arms Commando Cse a couple of years later.
  4. No, your probably not, but then doubling round the square holding a gat above your head while waking the sparrows up is pretty frowned upon these days.

    So, sadly are many other 'character' building activities....

    I seem to remember on the final ex after phase two training being 'allowed' along with the rest of the troop to carry 8O bit by bit a whole 12 Bay MGB set c/w pallets back to Hawley Hard... and re-palatise it of course

    The fact that we had just built and reverse stripped the thing as the last task of the ex (again) and were pretty much hanging out our arrse just didn't seem to influence the DS. :lol:
  5. JLRRE 1986-87. 2 miles run in full NBC kit, webbing, 25k pack then straight into gas chamber for name rank no full family history etc whilst the PS looked on, [with masks on] killer fecking barstewards :x Talk about character building :D.
  6. Mud run, Lympswitz
  7. Heard a story once about two guys being beasted round the square in combats and webbing,on the feet flip flops,conjures up a funny visual picture.
  8. The VOMINATOR on 'Samson' P.T.A
  9. taken to a football pitch in Aldershot (run their naturally)... to be told:

    'everyone get round the centre circle in equal spacings! (done) get in the press up position! (done) number off! ("1, 2, 3.... 35, 36, 37 last man Sgt!!") right you bunch of child rapists! you will now do 370 pressups between you! easy right?! not that easy! you will do them one after another, around the circle, doing 10 circuits. only 1 person doing pressups at a time, you will all call out the numbers as each pressup is performed. GO!!'

    fcuk me that hurt. our resident gonna-join-sas-once-ive-done-training-mong mashed up the count half way round and we got started again. so that's 550 pressups total. Not pleasant.
  10. Anyone remember "escalation"? Fook mai... that was a bastard.

    For those who didn't do it.... A landy rear axel and wheels with a 45 gallon drum on top with a T piece in front and 2 x ropes. We had to drag it across Dartmoor... a lot!
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  11. Did this one myself beasted a guy up and down the jail corridor at Chepstow doing seal crawls.

    Got beasted myself raking leaves at 26 in full noddy kit
  12. pursuit race on my NCO's cadre

    two teams, carrying stretcher, each side of the LAD, on your marks - go

    We had to run until one team caught the other, run and run and run with threats of uber violence should we slack and let ourselves get caught, I think it went on for about 4 hours or so

  13. Rowallan Company. I did it in Jan-March and it was the biggest lick out ever.
    Done a couple of 'arduous' courses since and RoCo topped the lot. We finished with about a 40% pass rate. In my day..........
  14. Battlefield PT. God, that hurt. 8O :pukel: :puker:
  15. Oh yes escalation, JLR RAC we were so bad (apparentley) we were allowed to repeat it the following week,thanks!! :x