Top aides damning attack on Blairs Iraq war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Top aide's damning attack on Blair's Iraq war
    Daily Telegraph Link

    A bit late for such stark language?
  2. I would say. Where was he when his comments would have made a difference?

    Justice delayed is justice denied.
  3. He has got his eye on creating a market for his memoirs, by establishing himself as a Bliar hater, bravely (?) as Bliar is still in office (almost) he guarantees himself quadrupled sales.
  4. I'm confused.

    Is this the Sir Jeremy Greenstock who was using bullish language in support of the war?

    The same Sir Jeremy who was Bremner's deputy?

    Just for fun , I thought I'd find some Sir Jeremy interviews, where he disagrees with Blair and Bush , using his vast diplomatic experience to suggest and guide in anoher direction.

    Yes, very condemning of Blair's war there, I can feel his loathing of the idea of going to war oozing from every pore.

    This from the Economist , May 6th 2004.


    No you didn't Sir Jeremy, nothing in your language, speeches or interviews, suggests you thought anything of the sort still it started going tits.

    I'm sorry, this man is nothing but a bloody hypocrite , who is trying to flog a book based on "Oh I thought the PM was a tool , honest I did"

    If I'd heard stories of violent disagreements and shouting matches between Bremner and Greenstock, I might feel slightly different.

    As it is, this stinks of vile hypocracy.

    Will the last rat leaving please close the portholes....
  5. PTP: I think you've summed up Sir Jeremy's dissembling pretty well. The words 'rat' and 'sinking ship' definitely fits the bill in his case.
  6. I'm actually angry at the slopey shoulders attitude. Strange how all the pro-war or at least supportive of 'movers and players' are now singing a different tune , but presenting it as "Oh this was my view all the time"

    The only exception being Powell , who patently didn't think it was a good idea, as his body language and delivery at the UN showed.

    Unlike Sir Jeremy.
  7. Well done pongo,
    for quickly leaping at the throat of the silvered tongued lacky. He must not be allowed to try and re write history.
  8. To my mind these two twerps - Greensleeves and Bliar - deserve each other. Pair of prize prats with blood on their hands.
  9. Yes, he was in favour of the the war (as your post clearly demonstrates), but does that deny him the right to criticise the shambles that was post-war reconstruction

    See here for his comments, damming the actions (or in-actions) after the war, rather than before the war.