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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by diehard57, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. The 1970's may have been the decade that style forgot but it struck me that there were an enormous number of seriously attractive women on TV. I've narrowed my favourites down to a list of ten. My list would be

    1. Jennie Lee Wright (Benny Hill Show)
    2. Natasha Pyne (the older one of Patrick Cargill’s daughters in Father Dear Father)
    3. Gillian Blake (Dora in Follyfoot)
    4. Carol Hawkins (the 2nd Sharon in Please Sir!)
    5. Joanna Lumley (Purdey in New Avengers)
    6. Luan Peters (played the Australian guest in Fawlty Towers ‘the Psychiatrists')
    7. Valerie Leon (Busty bird in those Hi-Karate aftershave ads)
    8. Cherry Gilham (Small, perfectly formed brunette from Pan’s People)
    9. Sally Thomsett (Toothy blonde from Man About the House)
    10. Caroline Munro (better known as the Lambs Navy Rum girl but I’m sure she was on the telly in Tales of the Unexpected or the like, so she's on the list!) BTW I had a mate who was convinced she used to be a bloke!

    Any offers of more in the same vein?
  2. Felicity Kendall (Good Neighbours)
    Penelope Keith (Good Neighbours and To the Manor Born)
    Carol Cleveland (Monty Python)
  3. Don't forget Prunella Gee! Ok, she wasn't in much apart from an episode of The Sweeney - 1st series, where she played a journo called Sandy Williams.

    Yes, I am a bit of a Sweeney fan, no I wasn't old enough to see it first time round!

  4. Agreed yank but Good Life for FK and PK
  5. The three girlie assistants to Captain Caveman!

  6. The two ladies from Blakes 7!


    And the baddie!

  7. Come on Guys

    No1 surely must be Sally James from Tizwoz.
  8. Elisabeth Sladen from Doctor Who (John Pertwee era)
    Joanna Lumley (phwoor even now)
    Sally James (Tiswas)
    Suzi Quatro
    Judi Bowker (Black Beauty. She was in it, not the horse)
    Florence (Magic Roundabout. Dunno why, just seemed to flick my switch)
    And of course, Kate Bush
    Agree with most of diehard57s too.
  9. Forgot about Suzie Quatro - Phwoar!

    And who can forget Pans People - the very toppest totty!
  10. I quite fancied Jane Seymour.
  11. Sigh - Dee Dee Wild mounted the Guard at Mansergh Barracks once in mess kit and webbing. (From the big book of legends of 40 Field Regiment)
  12. Jenny Agutter
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bet that put a smile the faces of the Guard. 8O Personally I prefer to get on top but I suppose I would have acquiesced on this occasion. :lol:
  14. Don't know her real name, but what about Col. Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

    (Just checked - she's called Erin Gray, not Constance Moore, the original 1930's Wilma Deering, who I first thought of because she'd be well dead by now).


    Edited because MRPvrd is quick off the mark.