Top 5 War Movie theme music ever?

1. "Battle in the Air" Sir William Walton - The Battle of Britain
2. Where Eagles Dare - Opening theme
3. Overture - A Bridge too Far
4. Russian Navy Anthem - The Hunt for Red October
5. Theme from the Great Escape

Pick your favourite 5, or add as you can remember :)
Wild Geese (sad are the eyes) Joan Armatrading
True story

We have a member of the very band that recorded the Blackadder theme tune as a moderator here on Arrse.

He transferred to the AAC and now adopts the name of a charachter from the series.

Flash played the trumpet for the Poachers band and used to remind us that he could be seen when we used to watch it in the Block at Leconfield.
THE GREEN BERETS, can remember as a really young thing big brothers and their mates marching about the sitting room to this whistling...... classic theme and classic childhood memory!
Forgot 633 Squadron. Ron Goodwin could certainly knock a tune together.

Everytime I hear that tune, I immediately think of Mosquitos beating up that Fjord at a lot of knots.


Is Paris Burning? Main theme

Paris - End theme from Medal of Honor Allied Assault by Nick Kamen, very atmospheric.

Victory theme -The Battle of Britain . The theme playing when Christopher Plummers Squadron decimates the He 111's.

Theme - Navy Seals. Excellent track when the Seals exit the Herc on the Halo.

Mr Happy

My kraut Pzr Cmdr mate gave a nice rendition of the "horst wessel"?? song in the pub last week... That was pretty damn good, but I think this is better (Battle of the Bulge Germans singing after their inspection):

And if you fancy giving it a go then you can sing it every year in most of the Munich Beer Tents at Oktoberfest though for PC's sake the words are now far nicer and not about war at all...

Download your copy now:

If there's storm or it snows,
Or the sun smiles on us,
The day is burning hot,
Or the night icy cold.
Dusty are the faces,
But joyful is our mind,
Joyful our mind;
Our tank roars ahead
Within the storm wind.

When a hostile tank
appears ahead of us,
Full throttle is given
And we close with the foe!
It's not our life we value,
For the army of our realm,
Army of our realm
For Germany to die
Is honor most high.

And if we are abandoned
By that unfaithful luck,
And if we don't return
To our homeland again,
If a bullet strikes us down,
If our fate calls on us,
Yes calls on us,
Then our tank will give us
A metal grave

With thundering engines,
Fast as a lightning bolt,
The enemy engaging,
Within our armor plates.
Ahead of our comrades,
In the battle, all alone,
We stand all alone
That's how we strike deep
Into the enemy's ranks.

With obstacles and tanks
The foe blocks our path,
We laugh about it
And simply pass them by.
And if ahead guns threaten,
Hidden in the yellow sand,
In the yellow sand,
We seek out our way,
That no one else found.
How could I have forgotten "Die Valkure" from Apocalypse Now?

"We come in low out of the Rising Sun , and about a mile out, we put on the music...."
Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories........


"Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler..." Dad's Army has to be up there. Das Boot (The Kraut submarine) had some good tunes too.
Dale, try as I might, and I know it's some time since I seen it, I don't remember Artillery , Rockets, Bombs, Tanks, bullet headed blue eyed blonde Nazis and epic tales of courage, in An Affair to Remember.

Perchance, that was the moment I had gone to syphon the Python?


Kit Reviewer
The Biergarten scene in Cabaret.

"Tomorrow Belongs To Me"

THAT's an impressive bit of filming to music

Mr Happy

PartTimePongo said:
How could I have forgotten "Die Valkure" from Apocalypse Now?

"We come in low out of the Rising Sun , and about a mile out, we put on the music...."
I thought this was a given....
"Springtime for Hitler" from Mel Brooks' 'The Producers'

Or the theme to "Zulu"? Notwithstanding the theme to "The Longest Day"; I used to play that on the glockenspiel in the Army Cadet band I was in.

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