Top 5 Video Games Ever

Over the last two decades various games related publications have been falling over themselves to provide their own definitive Top 100 games list. Some of their entries have me reminiscing of simpler times, while others make me cringe at the recollection of what felt like daylight robbery at the time. I appreciate we have neither the time nor the inclination to attempt to compile a top 100, so your 5 best will suffice. Here's mine (which aren't necessarily in any order);

1. Far Cry/PC. I now own a PC which can finally do this beast of a game justice, and find myself reinstalling it every so often to blast through it again. Stealth has never been used so effectively. Gripping stuff.

2. Golden Axe/Arcade. My parents used to host a lot of parties when I was a kid, and I took all the crates of empty bottles back to the shops to claim the deposit on them so I could spend all afternoon playing it in the corner shop. Happy times.

3. Tempest 2000/Atari Jaguar. I saved all my pennies for the next-gen revelation that was the Jaguar, and was largely disappointed until I got hold of this little gem. Played it til my eyes bled, and then played it some more. I made sure to crank up the volume on my old plastic-walnut-veneered 22in CRT TV at every opportunity.

4. Super Bomberman 2/SNES. After purchasing this it was absolutely imperative that I also got a multitap, and it didn't disappoint. Cue hundreds of hours spent with all my mates crammed in the front room. Never a dull moment, multiplayer gaming at it's finest. Sadly an area of gaming which is not properly catered for this day and age.

5. Super Mario 64/Nintendo 64. I was on tour in Bessbrook Mill at the time of it's release, and picked up a copy whilst on R+R. It blew my mind, I honestly could not put the game down until I'd found all 150 Stars, which took an age. Rescued me from an otherwise pretty dull tour, that one.
You have got to have Goldeneye on the N64 As 1 of the best ever games, by RARE, in your top 5. Together with Bomberman 64, Command & Conquer, Battlefield 2 on Pc which i still play as steveflan.
So that leaves 1 more, well let me think........Got to be ISS pro 07. Got to have a footy game in there somewhere but i must say the latest 1 is not so much different from 07. Any thoughts on that 1 people?
Mine are all for the PC


Call Of Duty UO for the huge cinematic battles with the russians , awesome.

Day of the tentacle :D remember that ?! Brilliant.

Team fortress 2 , absoloute genuis , and if you buy it off steam the now you get it dead cheap , since its $2 to the £. Its fast and mental , and laugh out loud funny , i recommend it.

And Company of Heroes the first one was great and now its got a new expansion with Brits and German panzer troops which ive not had at butchers yet , but sounds just as good as the origional .

CoD 4s out n all but Ive not had a chance to play that , and assassins creed looks great , not very often you see a game set in the crusades tbh , ill be getting that for the 360 .

You had a look at Crysis mike? It basically Far Cry 2 , made by the same people but with a different name since the devlopers and the publishers from Far Cry split , so they couldnt use the name. Some very cool predator style action with a minigun in the jungle , chopping down trees :D Oh , and there is a Far cry 2 on the way as well , made by the origional publishers , but be different devs , its set in a failed state in Africa i think , looks pretty good actually.

/geek off
1. Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Still looks beautiful today.
2. Street Fighter II. Accept no substitutes.
3. TOCA Race Driver 3. At last, cars with accurate physics.
4. Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I'd love to do some of that for real.
5. Nintendo Game & Watch "Helmet". Incredibly addictive, becomes unbelievably fast.
1) Any of the timesplitters series- great for a laugh when your mates are round
2)Dawn of war - geeky as fcuk but a good game
3)Hellgate London-fairly new game, rpg type jobbie but with the ease of customising your equipment very easy to get into- I just wish i had a computer that could handle it
4)Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam- easy to play, good fun and more realistic than the usual FPS superhero games
5)doom 3- great graphics and atmosphere

The other one I considered was Half life 2, but having to use steam to play offline really annoyed me- especialy with the steam servers ability to lose your account
As for BF2- wasn't as impressed by it as the previous games, but then i did only get the PS2 version
I'm playing Wolfy as we speak. Again. It's nice to be able to jack up the graphics settings with no slowdown fro a change!

Crysis is one I've been licking my lips at for about a year now. I'd love to get but I can't until I've shelled out for a new PC. That's on my 'to do' list. Vice City nearly made it, as did GTA 3 - A spec and SFII. I'd like to include Goldeneye as a favourite too.

It might just be me but I've got no real interest in getting my arrse kicked online by some 8 year old from Uzbekistan, hence my lack of reference to online games. I just couldn't take to it.
The 4 Ages of Nodandawink gaming....

Spectrum... (jesus I'm old) - The ORIGINAL Spy Hunter

Amiga... Wings. Cinemaware's finest.

N64... Goldeneye. I still play this...

PC... Counterstrike - Source

This makes me feel very, very old.
1) Half Life 2
2) Grand Theft Auto Vice City (well better than San Andreas in my opinion)
3) Far Cry (need a top spec pc though to oggle at the amazing graphics)
4) The secret of monkey island from the Amiga days
5) Battlefield 2

Others that nearly made my list from earlier days are Jet set willy (hence my pathetic avator), sensible soccer, Archer Mcleans Snooker.
1. Over Run-C-64-3rd World War strat game-would spend hours just setting it up and loading troops into choppers,apc etc,some game for the era.
2.Sudden Strike 2 .
3.Battlefield 2
4.688 attack boat-C-64-brill! sink commie ships.
5.Theatre Europe-3rdww-try and win without going nuc!
Only five???That is a tall order:

Chaos (spectrum 128k)im not too old but have been a geek for a age.

Speedball 2:brutal deluxe (amiga) feck thats 2 before even a megadrive pitched up.

North and South: (amiga) all round gaming perfection.

GTA vice city: (ps2) if you have been in a block in the last 6 years you know this.

Half life 2: (xbox360) orange box.........
1. GTA - San Andreas (PS2)
2. Hitman - Blood Money (PS2)
3. Call Of Duty 3 (PS2)
4. Battlefield 2 - Modern Combat (PS2)
5. Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
skintboymike said:
Is it just me but have all console FPS games been pants (apart from the first Doom)?
Its cause control sticks are rubbish compared to the mouse keyboard for aiming and the like. I never buy FPS for consoles waste of pennies when you can get it on the pc . I only use consoles for 3rd person stuff ( GTA , hitman , splinter cell etc.)
1 - Elite: Amstrad CPC 464
2 - Flight Simulator 1.0 - Commodore Amiga
3 - Mercenery - Amstrad CPC 464
4 - All the HITMAN Series - PC
5 - Lock On - Modern Air Combat - PC
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - PC

Why aren't our prisons like that? :D
My five top games, in no particular order, apart from OP...

Operation Flashpoint. PC
Sim City. ZX Spectrum
Chaos. ZX Spectrum
Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat. Playstation
Space Hulk. 3DO

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