Top 5 tracks on a top end system?

So I'm sat here listening to the Colour of Spring on my Naim driven RS6s and feeling pretty ******* pleased with myself, especially as I've got half a bottle of Beaujolais in my gut AND I've got a day off tomorrow. But then I thought if I wanted to upgrade my gear what tracks or albums would I take into the store to listen to? It would have to be:

1. The first five tracks of Sigur Ros' Takk - brilliant album.

2. Nude and Weird Fishes off In Rainbows by Radiohead. What an album, not bettered yet.

3. Under Wires and Searchlights by Marconi Union. Ambient but this one rocks (a little).

4. Taya Tan by Pink Martini. Not everyone's cup of tea but the acoustic guitar and violins are glorious.

5. Cologne Cerrone Houdini by Goldfrapp. Big bass, big strings - brilliant.

What I wouldn't take:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by you know who.

Any other offers?
Apart from Radiohead I haven't got the first clue what you are going on about. Does your post also come in English?
The Who- Won't get fooled again
The Beta band- Inner meet me
QOTSA- You think I ain't worth a dollar but I feel like a millionaire
Radiohead- Bodysnatchers
Simple kid- Average man
George Harrison- Wah Wah

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