Top 5 Films ever (in your opinion)

FMJ - the drill sgt is awesome and some of the soldier-sayings are real classics
Guns at Batasi - RSM Lauderdale is so typical, the do-gooder MP is Claire Short to a T
The Hill - we had GSM from MPSC at Bahrain who was 100% copy of the RSM. Never knew why the film showed in the mess 4 nights out of 5.
The Searchers. John W at his best with attitude that would find much support today
Cuckoos Nest - just Jack Nicholson at his very best psycho setting
1. Monty Python & The Life of Brian.
2. A Bridge too Far.
3. The Italien Job (Original)
4. The Music Lovers.
5. THe Godfather.

Some would say a rather esoteric selection, but I like 'em!
1. Natural Born Killers
2. Private Benjamin :lol:
3. Bridge Over the River Kwai
4. Once Upon A Time In America
5. Happy Gilmore
6. To replace No.2 ... Wuthering Heights (original version)

Although I have about 20 in my Top 5 !!


37.2 Le Matin (Betty Blue)

Vita violenta, Una (Written by Pier Paolo Pasolini)
(Think it was released as The Violent life in english)

Shi mian mai fu
(House of the Flying Daggers, the subtleties get lost in translation)

For now, at least, these are my top five favourite films.
SKJOLD said:
The Hill (Sean Connery, Harry Andrews) (Most memorable moment when Harry and Sean start quoting Kings regs at each other)(cant find a copy though. If you know where please tell (ive tried amazon))
One shown at Amazon USA. No probs shipping - I get most stuff fromthem cheaper and, often, quicker than UK shop
Thought I'd better post my list and then read the others, so as not to cloud my mind.

1. Zulu - top class film and never dated - Glad they have not remade it with an all american cast!!!!
2. For a Few dollars more - Classic and great for a western night in the block.
3. Battle of Britain - Great to watch - especially before we play Schultz and his mob at footy. a crowd pleaser!!
4. Black Hawk Down - enough said
5. Whoops Apocalypse - Pricess wendy and the SAS

could have done a list of 20 I reckon
1. Police academy
2. Police academy 2, their first assignment
3. Police academy 3, back in training
4. Police academy 4, Citizens on patrol
5. Police academy 5, Assignment miami beach.

Or is this taff guys fav movies?? I cant remember?.
Top Gun (Dammit, I like the FLYING, not the GAY)
Tank Girl (Anything with Lori Petty in it)
The Untouchables
Open Range

Edited parce'que je suis en spaccer qui ne parliant francais pas.
Sounds like a good subject to make a TV programme out of. But why dont we make it...... errrr.....lets say, the top 100 movies!
anybody know the number for any tv stations, Im sure that they would love this idea.
1 - Goodfella's
2 - All James Bond films
3 - Gladiator
4 - Saving Private Ryan
5 - Sex lives of the potato men
1. Full Metal Jacket
2. Zulu
3. The Last of the Mohicans
4. The Longest Day
5. Stalag 17

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