Top 5 All Female albums?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by dirk-the-turk, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Continuing the thread from "top 5 albums", Genithmedic highlighted the fact it was all male, serious music.

    Another perspective required, please.

    May i? My Top 5 All Female Albums:

    The Be Good Tanyas: Hello Love (Song For R: just outstanding)
    Kate Bush: The Hounds Of Love (I found a fox, Caught by dogs, It let me hold him in my hands....)
    Beth Orton: Trailer Park (genius, and her first album to boot.)
    Joni Mitchell: Blue (Little Green - when you find out why, it's a heart ripper)
    Sade: Diamond Life (showing my age, but I was only 13 so it's always gonna have an influence)

    OK, top 5, song or album; gotta be all female (and why it means so much...)
  2. :?
    are you really that sad???????
  3. :?
    are you really that sad???????
  4. Theres a couple of my all time fav. classic female albums on here..particularly the Handless Organist ...the MP3 version is just amazing....almost clapped at the end..

    linky -->Fanny tastic