Top 40

WannabeWorker said:
Does anyone else think that simon cowell is the Scrooge of the christmas Top 40?
No but I have deduced by reading your rather bone post that hanging is too good for you.
Fcuk he/she/it is on about music.

I'm off!
Scrooge or scurdge?
I wouldn't know as thankfully I've never heard it :D Unless you mean that sh!tty slow record that awful guy sings?
Oh no I'm not going through the whole Mr Blobby sh!t again! Face it christmas music is dross and how many songs do u have to sell nowadays to get to number 1? about 300?
WannabeWorker said:
Bring on the Blobby, or bob the builder any day
Christ on a crutch, she's on about periods now! Disgusting...
Okay before I say anything else I need examples of what kinda music you like
I feel a small amount of abuse is being prepared... I do not see anything wrong with listening to steps followed by the odd ballad by Daniel o'donnell.

Actually I do.
A small amount!!!! You've way underestimated my thoughts about steps and daniel o'donnell. You need to seriously stop giving your ears such a hard time, they must be crying out for music which doesn't make them flinch! Steps, jesus, I'm speechless :(

This is a wind up isn't?
"Today's popular music groups??" When was the last time they had a hit? Okay you really have me intrigued now, you must be female or a gay man . Guessing you're probably a Take That fan as well, am I right?