Top 3 Exercises/Tours or Postings

Discussion in 'REME' started by OMD80, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got a preference; mine has to be Kenya as number 1.

    Going out after 8 year on phase 3 redundancy, I only managed to visit a number of exotic locations. Apart from Colchester I was lucky enough to get to Kenya twice and I must say what a FCUkin great place. The White Landrovers where like driving a Ferrai in comparison to the local cars. Buffalo Bills was full of women feeling your balls and announcing that they were going to fcuk you tonight, the beer, Tuskers or Kingfisher was about 15 shillings or 25 pence, what a place.

    Number 2 is Colchester and number 3 is Wainwright Canada.
  2. 6 armd!!drink,pussy and pranks!!
  3. Postings, well No 1 had to have been Commonwealth Liaison Mission Korea, an honour to serve there as the only REME in country.3 Brits and 55,000 US. They only complained if we all went out together on a night, they reckoned the odds were unfair! No 2: 617 Sqn Tank Transporter Unit British Supervisory Element. This was 1980 and it was all Polish, you had to be there ........and I wish that I could remember ! No 3: My first unit out of Bordon, 2nd Field Regiment RA. Early 70's , Hemer, Abbots, member of L Nery Bty (Fitter Section) adopted and looked after. The best introduction to Army life that a young man could wish to receive. I still have the scars as a result of learning curve but once you learned, you never forgot!
  4. I did a tour in Hong Kong and spent some time in Singapore and Libya but my favourite posting had to be Cyprus (1960). As a still very green VMBIII it was my first overseas posting as a Battery Fitter with with 94 (New Zealand) Fld Bty RA. The gunners treated us all like members of the family and were too proud to allow us to do any duties except Recy. Following this I could hardly wait to get to the Gunners again whenever I was with a REME unit.
  5. 2nd Fd was also my first posting in the late 80's and into O (Rocket Troop) Bty FS great experience, however, the RA had learnt how to Shite on the WKSP guys, either that or the OC was spineless we seemed to be stagging on quite alot.
  6. Top Ex - Ex SUMAN WARRIOR in Australia. Went down there to do a CPX type thing and got bladdered for 3 weeks with a bonus of some R & R thrown in at the end.

    Top Tour - Op TELIC with the SCOTS DG at the time. great bunch with a really good LAD. Many a good memory from that, especially someone having a p1ss at the border just before we went through and some stroppy yanks getting upset when one of the guys took a photo of said bloke having a p1ss. They said it was not tactical to take photos at night!!!! FFS they had a convoy of huge vehicles lit up like a lit op thing, all with more flashing lights on that you would get in a flashing light shop.

    Top Posting - 15/19 Hussars, Detmold, late 80's. AWSOME!!
  7. Top Exercise would have to be Ex Bezonian Venture in 1981 sailing a civvy yacht round the Indian Ocean .......Bombay Yacht CLUB.... Grant Street . Really got an education there 8O .. Goa, . capsizing the inflatable off the Lackadives Islands ..Sri Lanka , Mount Lavinia beach . Real pukka gen currys, fouls smelling beer ...Heat stroke .... Happy days !!

    Best posting .... 7 RHA.. Top LAD, top blokes looked after their REME well ...remember a No 1 digging one of his gunners cos I had been working on their Gun Sub for 15 mins and still didn't have a brew & a banjo !!! Poor git !!
  8. Top exerise, Loin Sun 8 weeks as VM cover just went on the piss most of the time and down the beach for the rest.
    Top tour FI in 95, it will never be the same if i went back now, great time dreat lads.
    top posting 39 fat badges long weekends all the time.
  9. been lucky had all good postings i agree with lion sun, did 6 weeks as a section 2ic enjoyed every min of it!!!
    portsmouth with 47 regt RA was also a good 1
    but for me colchester has to be the best but a posting is what you make of it and also the blokes you serve with!!!
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    We must have been there at the same time, I joined them Sept 71 left Jan 74 . HQ Bty tho. Oh I'm not REME.
  11. Ex lion sun, get yerself to Oz for 4 months on the lash and er, come home to promote it woot \o/
  12. Telic 1 with the Dukes, being part of an infantry platoon.
    OC wanted me to transfer, fcuk that!