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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Issimondias, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. I was flicking through the channels as usual and I came across this on Discovery wings.

    The top ten greatest helicopetrs.

    In descending order

    10. S.64 Skycrane
    9. Alouette 2
    8. Chinook
    7. Jet Ranger
    6. Sea King
    5. Lynx (The Ferrari of the skies, according to the narrator)
    4. Mi26 Hook
    3.Apache Longbow
    2.Robinson R22+44 ( had a flight in an R22, scared the cr*p out of me!!)

    I was only ever a lowly door gunner so I’ve got little to add to this forum . I've 600 odd hours on No.5, a couple of hours in a No.8 ( my mate was a crab loady and let me have a jolly for a day ) and a scary hour in a No.2 with a 20 year old civvy flying instructor.

    your thoughts!
  2. Ferrari of the skies? By that do they mean doesn't always start first time? :)

    It's a stupid top ten, they all fulfill completely different roles. I've only had a couple of hours in a lynx mk9 and a septic chinook - but even I know that they have a different design brief, different duties etc etc...

    Does the AAC still have a Huey out in Belize?
  3. [​IMG]

    This gets my vote.
  4. The Huey and the Rooshin Mil 17 series must have ben the most influencial Helis of the era.
    Bog standard workhorses relitively simple to maintain in the field and with a fair degree of inbuild 'Ruggedness" well as far as any Heli can be rugged.
    I like the Discovery series but it's not an enthusiasts Channel just basic information for the general public.
    No bad cabs on their list, unlike their greatest Top Ten Tanks which had the Yank Airmobile 'Sheriden' as one of the outstanding machines.
    Saw a Skycrane at a Wallop airday, park on the tarmack by Stockwell hall, that was over 30 nyears ago and they still are in serious use. The Allouette was an outstanding design and I am told 'if' serviced as it should be (lot of small 'silly' jobs) was very reliable, much liked when in AAC use.
  5. How can this list be correct without Airwolf on it ?!!!
  6. Ahh Homer....Doh!