Top 10 Male Rock Vocalists.

Okey Dokey, I've just been on the Female Vocalist thread and it's slightly gone off topic regarding guitarists. What I'm asking is who you would consider your personal favourite top 10 Male Rock Vocalists.

Here's mine for starters.

1. Robert Plant.
2. Ronnie James Dio
3. Sebastian Bach
4. Rob Halford
5. David Coverdale
6. Ian Gillan
7. Joe Lynn Turner
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Phil Anselmo
10. Paul Dianno.


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dunno about a top ten, but heres my best -

robert plant
bryan ferry
david bowie
neil young
chris cornell
john lennon
Jonathon Davis
James Hetfield
Bon Scott
Rob Halford
Rob Flynn
Ian Gillan
Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Springsteen
Ffs? Top of any list should be the the only decent person from Tee-side, Paul Rogers. A fantastic range and is still delivering 4 decades on.

I suppose I should add: IMO. :)


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Alright! One I can join in with!

Rudy Vallee
Izzy Bonn
Matt Monroe
Max Bygraves
Val Doonican
Frank Skinner
Arthur Askey ....(who could forget his 'Bee song')
Fred Durst
Terry Wogan
Elvis Presley.


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True, should have been here hours ago, and my potty needs emptying.
No particular order:

Roger Daltrey
Robert Plant
Greg Lake
Geddy Lee
John Wetton
Todd Rundgren
Ian Anderson
Jon Anderson
Peter Hammill
Bruce Dickenson
James Hetfield (a mere boy compared to the rest).
Bruce Dickinson.
Lemmy from Motorhead.
Iggy Pop.
"H" from Steps.
"Abs" from 5ive.
Brian Harvey from E17.
The Shrek bloke from Hearsay.
Jason Donavan.
Gary Glitter.

All modern day rock troubadours in the finest traditions of musical excess. They all loved to drink, smoke and fuck.


Sparky2339 said:
Can't beleive Sidney Devine wasn't mentioned....

Ne Obliviscarus.
dear god Sparky, I was subjected to half an hour of that cack at a BBQ in Oman.......I nearly converted to Islam :D
GG ALLIN!! :twisted:

"GG Allin is best remembered for his notorious live performances that typically featured wildly transgressive acts such as Allin defecating and urinating onstage, rolling in feces and often consuming excrement, committing self-injury, performing naked, and committing violent actions toward the audience—often doing many of these things simultaneously."

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