Top 10 Comfort items for Ops

Ok apart from the mandatory porn collection and wollen sock. 8O

What are the top ten comfort items required by the modern discerning soldier to make life oh so bearable? :?

Ideas on a postcard!
Damn :!: Some people need to step away i said step away from the computer screen :!:

Best throw different angle on this one then. :D

Sod the infantry dug in upto neck in mud stuff. Lets think comfy i have 240v and my OWP so what else do i need apart from Britneys private number :twisted:
when i was at 7 sig regt, we all knicked the prick throughs from corps lighting and wired them up to these toaster/grill/frying plate things we got from the naafi...great for making bacon banjos.

and dont forget your 4 tonner, a deep pile carpet, a propper wooden door on the back, some bed steads and chains to make bunk beds suspended from the ceiling, a parafin heater, double skin the canvass truck cover and hey presto! Bliss.

Colour Telly
Microwave Oven
Leccy Blanket
Air Rifle

All of the above and more sighted 20+ years ago in various tracked and soft skinned Radio Relay wagons.

Who was responsible for that corp's myth that every second tree in BAOR had a hidden powerpoint.
sat dish/receiver,
phone charger
All things found in my Wagon when in bosnia. ED's loved it, for in return for a 16,24 for wagon on its own, they could use all the items
Hey any fool can be uncomfortable.
Don't forget your laptop with a wifi link to the nearest AP with a 4Mb link (just a pity I have to share the bandwidth with 999 others - doh!). However, with a cantenna in the post I'm sure it won't be long before I can hack into a local broadband link :eek:

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