Toothing in London

Anyone tried toothing yet? I was on a late train home from work last week and I was playing with my mobile blue tooth, when I got a picture message of some bird's arrse and a message offering me a bit of the other at Potters Bar. Thinking it was some tranny serial killer wanting to slip me one up the wrongun I politely told Norman Bates to go forth and multiply with his rotten corpse of a mother. When I got home I was well vexed, did I turn down that decent lawyer type bird with the nice split in her skirt or was it the dribbling fat bloke with the piercing eyes and mlaaaaarrrr sound coming from somewhere within his fat dripping chops. I then though to myself maybe this was some sort of new way of getting a ride after a few beers and a curry. Some simple web searches brought me to the link below:

The bluetooth picture I got is attached below:


Next time I'll risk getting skinned and have a moth put in my gob!!!
spotty arrse...

and her tits look kinda saggy......

I'd say go for it next time, just go with a baseball bat just in case it's a bloke.

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