Toothing anyone tried it?


I was told about this by a coleague and tried it on the train this morning - the results were hiliarious I had phones going off all over the place in the carriage.
Targeted one cool dude by the time the trip finished was seemed convinced that there was a doris on the train who fancied the pants off him flirting like a real pro - then I told him I was a bloke - laugh I peed my pants - give it a try it costs noting but really breaks up a dull journey :)

phones going off all over the place,and you done this how exactly? is there that many that leave their phones on as discoverable? think there might be poetic licence going on here,
Well its easy most new phones have bluetooth.
Seems most who own such phones never RTFM = retards with new gucci phone dicoverable but bluetooth.
Next create an address book entry named TOOTHING? give it a number 0 will suffice and save it.
Next rename your phone to something impish and not recognisable - then just send your TOOTHING contact as a biz card via bluetooth.
Then just search and see how many bluetooth devices you find on a packed train!
Lets face it the majority of the population never switch their phones to silent on a train then you can easily ID your victim
There after its open season! :)

The best part of Toothing is when you set your phone name to a chicks name, just sit back and wait for some unsuspecting horny oik to take the bait and wind the sleezy feckers up!!
Hey don't knock something until you have tried it!!!
Na neither just thought I would throw in a theatrical twist :) -
However should Ms Roberts be in town happy to role play whatever she wants :)


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Disable Bluetooth in crowded places my dears.

My current fave windup (off topic but not worth a new thread)

Get a girl and take her picture with a digi-cam.

slide the button to video.

Point camera, say smile and wait.

(Her - dropping smile) "Well get on with it"

(You) "Well try to smile"

etc etc etc.

You'll end up with her smiling, looking pissed off, snarling, smiling again then calling you a spastoid mong and worse.

Then you show her the resulting vid.
Instead of pretending to be a chick and 'toothing' blokes, why not be a bloke and 'tooth' the chicks !!
Gutted! I thought I was about to learn of some new and debauched sexual fetish. Instead it's a load of text pest geeks talking about sending rude messages to girls and giggling like teenagers. If you want to pass the time on your tube journey to work cut the pockets out of your trousers and try "Webbing" the young ladies. A lot more fun and you won't be advertising yourself to the world as a geeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! (Pronounced with undulating pitch on the 'e' and a harsh coughing ‘k’.
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