Tooth Shattered !

Right, due to do basic next month.

Was eating last night, one of my back teeth decides to shatter into pieces and now i have half of it left in my mouth. Its sharp and poking into my tongue :x

My question is; Is there a possibility I could get deferred from basic for this? Or would they simply book me an appointment for the dentist's? I'm not sure if getting it fixed before I go is an option as I don’t think I can afford it :roll:
get to the dentist mate, they have a new pricing policy now, shouldn't cost you more than £50, which i know isn't pocket change, but why risk getting deffered??
drain_sniffer said:
Can you live with it? If so, say nothing until you are into your first week of training and go dental sick
My OH had to have work on his teeth before he joined, he didnt say anything about it, but got it all sorted while still in basic (or phase 2) cant remember which.


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The chances of getting a serious infection between now and then are quite high; with raised blood pressure and an abcess the size of Dorset you will not be popular besides the discomfort, potential bone damage which can lead to the loss of other teeth and risk of ending up in hospital with scepticaemia.

Get it sorted out now before you develop ulcers on your tongue where it rubs on the damaged tooth.
Thanks for the reply's. I have found a NHS dentist the on the web, says they are accepting patients. So i will try giving them a ring on my lunch break. I just want it sorted to be honest, i dont need anything on my plate right now :/

Eddited to add: On the 14 week .pdf plan i got off the Pirbright phase one page. It says there is a Medical/Dental check. So that worries me also!

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