Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by E-Layer, May 13, 2007.

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  1. One of the best things about being a parent is getting to watch the Cartoons with the kids.

    I am now fully up to speed and an avid viewer of Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents but my favourite (and cult viewing in our house now) is FUTURAMA

    Leela has a cracking set of top-bollocks too :wink:

  2. i,m stuck with the fcuking wonder pets and dora the explorer,but i,d do miss hooly with the funny hair in balamory!! :wink:
  3. She's a bit of a one eye.

    If you want a laugh, go to the cartoon network and watch Johnny Bravo
  4. Oh please.... Spongebob is fcuking shite.

    They don't show them anymore, but Cow and Chicken and I am Weasel rocked big time.
  5. Here's Johnny

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  6. You got to be able to stay up past 10 o'clock to get the good stuff.. the Venture Brothers or Robot Chicken

    ..whatever happened to Ren and Stimpy??

    and you let your kids watch Futurama?? good stuff!!! nothingl ike subverting them early..[ though I'd be careful of that Spngebob..goody lessons disguised as hilarity ]

    and as for Dora!! only good for teaching Spanish as a second language - granddaughter seems to be hooked and I can't convince her to kick the crap out of the monkey..runs about the house sometimes squawking like a duck " Backpack,backpackbackpack!.."

    damn,, I need a drink just recalling all this..
  7. If it's cartoon heaven you want then you need look no further than Ren and Stimpy. Good call though Guru, both are cartoon genius.
  8. I hate Futurama (am secretly fond of the simpsons) but thank you for pointing out why my OH watches it so much. Leela does look pretty fir, though!!
  9. I love to watch Tom and Jerry. Mindless violence all wrapped up a in child friendly cover.
  10. Anyone remember Toytown and Magic Roundabout?

    And Little Weed?

    I do. God help me . . . . . 8) :roll:
  11. May be a bit advanced, but I let my lad watch Family Guy, recorded from post-watershed Sky. The alarming thing is that my wife looks a bit like Lois, so constantly gets ribbed about it.

    E Layer, I know what you mean about Leela's bangers. It's worrying though, when you notice the feminine charms of cartoon characters (think Betty and Wilma from the Flintstones and the wife in the Jetsons).

    They'd all get it in an "I'm fucking wrong for thinking this" sort of way.
  12. Jessica Rabbit, i wonder if she goes like one?
  13. Really miss Ren and Stimpy. Just discovered American Dad and that's, IMHO, the mutt's.
  14. What is wrong with good old fashion cartoons like Captain Pugwash and Magic Roundabout?? Now they were educational for any child!!

    Must admit that kids are cool to take to the cinema to see films like Wallace and Gromit.
  15. My son watches Sonic the hedgehog, on looking over his shoulder Im quite intrigued in finding Sonics mother.
    Ive got a few hots for Wilma and Betty in the Flintstones, George Jetsons MRS and the nice looking one out of Scooby Doo(not shaggy or the ginge minge specky thing :evil: )
    And also stated Jessica Rabbit :p
    Ive got to stop drinking this John Smiths