Tool Time for Tots

You just got to ask yourself, why is the porn button always next to the kiddie stories in the control room..this isn't the first time a story like this had popped up, but it sure is a good'un

from the Associated Press:

US toddlers turning in for a Disney cartoon in New Jersey this week got more than they bargained for, when the local cable company mistakenly started broadcasting hard-core pornography.According to the New York Daily news, Handy Manny, a cartoon on Playhouse Disney about a Latino Handyman and his talking tools [ ahem ], broke off on Monday morning when Comcast mistakenly started airing an X-rated movie.
One subscriber, Paul Dunleavey told the paper he realized something was awry when his five year old asked him: ' what are they doing?' ' It was two people doing their thing, it was full on and it was disgusting .' he said. A Comcast spokeperson told the paper the programming error was the cable company's fault.

Handy Manny was handling his tool in a new and innovative manner.. Wonder what the tool was saying at the time?
Remember reading in the paper a while ago,a Dad left his son upstairs on the internet looking at 'CBeebies' or something like that & when he went back upstairs his son was watching a hardcore porn channel called 'CeeBeebees' or something like that.

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