Tool Reccy mech

I wonder if any reccy mechs out there can help. I am looking for a line drawing of a "tool reccy mech", (the hook tool thingy that you use). failing this, a photo of 1 please.

Cheers in advance,

Here is the finished product! :)
Sorry Trench but those are nowhere near the correct dimensions Spaz gave you.....think of the dangers a Wretched Mech could swallow them thinking they were food, do you have any warning labels on them like they have to have on baby products.

Looks ok though, do you do cuff links for other Arms like paperclips for AGC and Sausage and egg for RLC Chef etc
Thats what I meant to write, bratty fingers in the way......having been on quite a few as VM cover over the years Ive watched a few of the young pups carrying the GHETTO blaster.
Thought that's what you meant mate.

Sampsons Pride (1977) hosted by 4 Fd (Later Armd) Wksps was my first. Thereafter I must have attended at least 10 as dump crew or instructing.

An excellent course, for not only learning trade skills in demanding conditiions, but how to keep up the tradition of knuckle dragging, fighting, beer swilling bezzering.

'Appy Daze.

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