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  1. Found this the other day in hidden in a corner of an old store.


    Every person that saw it (who was old enough to remember) started recanting stories about bumpering ceilings, walls and the like. Stinking of that yellow wax sh1t. Ah the good old days...............
  2. The Bumper. Now banned by the Geneva Convention and EU Human Rights Legislation
  3. A Bumper! I had forgotten all about those things. I can smell the wax now!
  4. Remember it well,

    unfortunately. :(
  5. WTF is it?
  6. It’s on a need to know basis.
  7. Its a Mk1. The Mk2 was electrical, making it heavier and more tiring.
  8. I weep tears of nostalgia...

    the hanting "click click" noise of the handle in the socket as it was pushed backwards and forwards over a gleaming glass like wooden floor with a small piece of someones blanket under it to finish off the floor
    (you never told the person.... they just found out when they handed their bedding in and thought a big square mouthed moth had got to their blankets)

    The humble bumper was my friend and constant companion during a year of Juniors, and my B3 Combat Engineer course at 3 training Regiment RE, where it was not unusual to find them needing new bristles from over use!

    Versions with "sawn off" handles were found in the guard rooms of both these establishments to enable "FRED's" (Future Royal Engineer Disasters) to bump everything that didn't actually have a pulse.

    I got a whiff of floor wax in a furniture shop recently and had to fight the urge to jump off the sofa I was sitting on, slam my foot in and scream "ROOM" at the top of my voice...which would of startled the young lady trying to sell me it I am sure.

    Do training establishments now have self cleaning floors then?
    or do they possess that holy grail of kit "the electric floor polisher"... i saw one once in training, in the QM's.... naturally unused and pristine.

    Thanks for sharing this haunting image, I'm off now to bull my dustbin and fold all my socks into smiley faces..
  9. [​IMG]

    The Mk2. Be afraid...
  10. Bumper Floor Hand Manual! Beautiful! I can smell that 'yellow gold' beeswax now. If I close my eyes I involuntarily shudder thinking of that 30Ib metal base whistling towards it's victims face whilst he slept.
    Mind you it taught us all to sort our bed blocks out.
  11. One in each hand for answering back on a drill course (I was right, mind you).

    Bent double in 2 dress in 90 degree heat - all I did for half an hour was move my own swet around the floor. Oh - and learn not to answer back.
  12. :lol:
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Memories of both - back in the times before contract cleaning when the lines were properly clean and the smell...ah the smell...
  14. [marq=down]

    ah, the rush of memories of both Mk1 and 2 put shivers down the spine. Met Mk2 before Mk1, didn't get the hang of the tipping of the handles to determine direction of the machine, so 1 drove, 3 others pushed it where poliching was needed.

    met Mk 1 in a guardroom later that year "Standby.....CHANGE" (shudder)
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours


    It's what sent you to bed knackered & sent you to first parade knackered!