Tool academy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Anyone watched this yet? BiL told me about it last week, basic jist is load of lads get sent to Spain and think they are mad shaggers and start playing about only for the curtians coming down and finding their O/H's watching them.

    Last night was pure gold each couple had to say what they wanted in the next 5yrs out of the reationship and it was shown only for the lads to make complete cocks of themselves the best bit when the G/F's are in tears finding out that their BF has a number of other birds on the go and one wants a 3some and a visit to some swinging clubs and dogging locations with her:) Deffo the funnist thing I've seen on TV for ages and pissed myself laughing from start to finish.

    Tool Academy -
  2. Ive just watched the intro to it, looks like a good laugh. I'll try and catch the rest tonight.

    They look like a right bunch of bell ends hahaha, fucking muppetts :)
  3. Sound like normal testicle owning red blooded lads to me!

    Which leads to a question I often wonder about, does everyone cheat on partners given half the chance? I think the amount who do far outweighs those that don't, especially when they aren't going to get caught out easily!
  4. Got nothing to do with me (just getting my tuppence' worth in). I'm self-made - didn't need no academy to get how I am.
  5. Do you allways state the bleeding obvious?
  6. I have seen it in the past and IMHO it is a bag of shite as are the people who partake in the program.
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  7. After seeing 30 seconds of the trailers my thoughts exactly...

  8. I think you'll find it'd be the opposite.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No. Next question?
  10. Must just be my workplace then, its rife among the middle aged married types!
  11. You should have seen last weeks, it was better. Mind you, Pigman hoying that tomato in his doris's grinner made me laugh.

    And they're not in Barcelona, it's just outside Lloret, which is to Barcelona as Luton is to London
  12. After seeing the trailer my only thoughts related to precisely which implements I would use, if I had to opportunity to meet these O2 thieves and torture them to death.