- biting satire or absolute w*nker?

Like a penis, only fatter.

Clearly at the front of the queue for chins.
I've just sent him the folowing intellectual and withering email:

Dear Toobis
As you appear to be an absolute a***hole with a few self esteem issues, allow me to suggest that before you kill yourself, you remove your odious website from the internet.
Yours etc

That should do it!
I like him

He makes me feel good about being me.

Long may he continue to be small minded, ungrateful, fat and stupid. It's no way to get on in life but very funny to look at.

Edited to include-

I've just read his "So you were raped - get over it" rant, he isn't very well is he? Still I imagine his high powered job, large and diverse circle of friends, nice house, girlfriend and general feeling of high self esteem keep him happy.
No balls at all... no bite at my e mail.... shame... was looking forward to a dumb arrse reply to post
That's an interesting site, Awol ( Seems that Arrse is next to Bizarrsex in the Great Scheme of Internet Things. I can handle that.

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